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Merit Badge Pamphlets

posted May 15, 2012, 8:35 AM by Troop FourFourThree   [ updated Jun 10, 2013, 3:05 PM ]
Have you ever wanted to start on a new Merit Badge, but you couldn't get your hands on a copy of the Merit Badge pamphlet?  Have you ever just wanted to check out a Merit Badge to see if it's something you are interested in doing but didn't want to trek to the Scout store to look at the pamphlet?  Well, here is a possible solution for your dilemma!  The Boy Scouts of America were kind enough to post about 37 of their Merit Badge pamphlets on the National Camping School web site.   You can go there to find them (just click the link under our "Web Links" section on the left side of this page), or you can find them right here on our Troop 443 web site.  Click the "Forms/Documents" link to your left, then scroll down to the "Merit Badge Stuff" section.  In there you will find information for people wanting to sign up as Merit Badge Counselors, but you will also find a handy document called "Online Merit Badge Pamphlets.PDF" where you can find a list and link to the pamphlets.  Just choose the one(s) you want and download to your computer.  Like the name says, the pamphlets are in PDF format, which means you can read them on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook or whatever device you have. 

You can also click here to get straight to the library of online pamphlets.  There are only 37 of the more than 100 Merit Badges represented here, but there are lots of good ones to choose from, so dig in!

Updated 10/11/12:  Unfortunately, the link to the National Camping School site has been taken down since this article was published.  However, we still have the pamphlets on our site, so follow the directions above to find them!

Updated 06/10/13: The digital merit badge pamphlets are no longer available online. Check with our Troop Librarian before going out and buying your own copy of a pamphlet -- the Troop may already own what you need!