Schedule for 2016-2017

Troop 30 Schedule 2016-­2017
September 12:
first meeting on Monday at 6:30 We will have nominations for SPL.
Need MC for COH.
September 15: committee meeting at the church at 7 pm. Need to plan campouts.
September 19: voting for SPL, and filling all open positions in the troop. Final chance
for BOR'
September 23­-25: Campout at Odoms
Sept 30, October 1­2: Apple Festival­ Parking Cars­ two shifts each day 10­5
October 3: COH at church, need M/C. hand out spaghetti dinner tickets.
October 10: no school, no scouts.
October 14-­16: Camporee at Greenwood, Ultimate Scout Warrior.
October 17: Spaghetti dinner tickets are due; spaghetti dinner work schedule
October 20: Committee meeting at church at 7:00.
October 21: make spaghetti sauce at Church (Who?).
October 22: Spaghetti Dinner.
October 29: Food Drive­ Hang Tags (Sara Kasper is running using Cub Scouts)
October 31: hand out wreath order forms
November 5: Food Drive Pickup at 10:00 at Village Green.
November ?: 8:30­3:00­ Scoutmaster/Assistant Training­ BP Council Office
November ?: Tuscarora campout, meet at Scout room at 5:30 OR council Camporee
w/ tents?
November 14: Wreath orders due
November 17: next committee meeting at church at 7:00
November 28: COH & Christmas party at 6:00...Bring dessert to pass.bring food
(pbj....cereal), wreaths handed out.
December 2: Overnight at scout room at 7:00 NO Cell Phones
December 15: Committee Meeting at church at 7:00
December 26: no school, no scouts
January 2: No school, no scouts.
January ?: Pinewood Derby­ couple scouts, Enoch to run.
January 16: MLK­no school, no scouts
January 19: Committee Meeting at Methodist Church at 7 pm
January 23?: Cub Scouts coming to meeting..boys to introduce cubs to Scouting, and
Bill to talk to Cub Scout parents
January 25: Greek Peak money, permission slips due
January ?: camping at Greek Peak­ invite Troop 35
February 16: Committee Meeting at Methodist Church at 7 pm
February 20: No school,
February campout TBD
February ?: Blue and Gold Ceremony, need a few Scouts to help with Cub Scout
crossover. Starts at 6:00? set up at ? at church.
February ?: Summer CampLeader's Guide available online; Merit Badge Round One
February ?: Scout Sunday at Methodist Church 9:30 am, Please wear uniform
February 27: Hand out Spring Fundraiser forms and info
March 3­-5, 2017: Highland State Forest­ pines. (permit #16­00556) Sleeps 20+10+8
March 16: Committee Meeting at Methodist Church at 7.
March ?­ University of Scouting, a few leaders are attending.
March ?:
Summer Camp deposit of $100 due.
March ?: Popcorn Orders Due
March 31: Summer Camp Deposit due to Council, $100 per Scout
April ?­ Food Drive, Hang Tags
April ?­ Merit Badge Signups­ round 2 (total of 5)
April ?: Food Drive pick up food
April ?: Summer camp leaders meeting at council from 12­?
Book Highland 2018?
April 13:
Committee Meeting at Methodist Church at 7 pm
April 17: No school, no scouts.
April ?: Popcorn orders are in
April ?: Online Merit Badge selection closes
April ?: Outdoor Leader Skills Training (IOLS).
April 21-­23: Possible Family Campout Gettysburg?
May ?:
Barton camp setup day
May 18: Committee Meeting at Methodist Church at 7 pm
May ?: Summer Camp Final Payment Due
May 19­-21: Backpack camping in Adirondacks at South Meadow Rd
May 15 or May 22: Flags at Cemeteries @ 6:30
May 29: Memorial Day­ No School, No Scouts
June 5: COH­ final one of the school year, FOS to attend; At Methodist church at 6:30.
June ?: Canoe trip/campout.
June 19: Committee meeting at Methodist Church at 7pm.
June ?­ Barton Beaver Day
July 2­8: Summer Camp at Barton.
July 20: (tentative date) 2015­2016 planning meeting at Church or Scout Room