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But I at least have my demo reel to look at!

Nick von Tagen Show Reel 2011 from Nick von Tagen on Vimeo.

A show reel of my work on Happy Feet 2, Mars Needs Moms, and A Christmas Carol.

Happy Feet 2
* Development of a Houdini-based light rig dubbed “Prelight”, used to render shots labeled Anim Tech and Final Layout. Prelight was used by many output departments in the studio for their respective internal renders.
* Development of tools and scripts to simplify workflows such as footprint generation, snow swipes, internal department rendering, set-dressing, camera tweaking, depth of field, and general Linux functionality.
* Primary Software: Houdini, Maya, 3Delight, Python.

Mars Needs Moms
* In conjunction with Modeling, developed high resolution sets in Maya based on pre-vis sets originally built in Motionbuilder.
* Performed all set-dressing under the guidance of the Art department.
* Worked with Animation supervisors to ensure motion capture and animation integrity.
* Worked heavily with Matte Painting and DFX supervisors to define matte lines and to provide technically unique matte elements.
* Support for Animation with final delivery and caching/baking of character and prop animation.
* Support for the Comp Finishing department, performing last minute shot tech fixes or tweaks through compositing in Nuke.
* Primary Software: Maya, Motionbuilder, Nuke, Renderman, Python.

A Christmas Carol
* In conjunction with production management and other departments, managed and delivered all assets needed for particular shots and scenes.
* Performed final delivery and caching/baking of all animated characters and props.
*Managed character costume changes in conjunction with Animation.
* Performed final set-dressing and ensured set continuity between multiple shots in a particular scene.
* Ensured all assets received the proper and most up-to-date shaders.
* Verified shot camera integrity throughout production.
* Primary Software: Maya, Renderman, Python