Background Info-BMR 2008 Final Production Meeting Photo

At the time I took the individual photos, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. I guess I have to thank Karu for inadvertently providing the inspiration for this on two counts: Towards the end of the meeting, Karu had sat on my chair while I had gone to get a cup of tea. So I had to go and sit at the opposite side of the table (There was no one sitting at that side because we were all looking at the run sheets projected on to the wall), and as soon as I sat, I saw a bunch of men all sitting at one side of a long table, and  I thought, "This is just like Last Supper!". Then I looked at Karu's face, and I thought, "Wow, that's Judas!!" :-). I immediately had to ask him to pose for another photo looking sideways. 

To my utter delight, when I was doing the group photo, I found that Judas is facing the same direction in the original painting (Otherwise, I'd have to do a mirror image of Karu's face), and wearing exactly the same colours as Karu too :-) It was such a coincidence that we had exactly 13 people at our meeting too. Well, if we had more, I could have  always put one or two sleeping under the table! And, of course, ours also was a final meeting before the big day.

As for others, Tissa - the Technical Manager - had to go in the middle; There was an obvious place for Sama - who fell asleep during the meeting -  based on the pose in the original painting; The rest were placed randomly based on the directions they were looking at in my photos.

The original painting I used is at

- Vasantha Saparamadu