Background Info - BMR 2007 Technical Team Photo

  • Anil was the Show Manager, and Buddhi the Stage Manager
  • During the preparation of run sheets, Buddhi wanted to note down (sometimes at an unnecessarily detailed level) what exactly happens at 30sec, 40sec etc
  • During the show, Ananda - the Visuals Manager - had to watch the time on his DVD player and give countdowns for various lighting cues
  • Ruwan was the Lighting Manager
  • Vasantha was the Sound Manager
  • Nihal - the Technical Manager - said he would watch the show and alert Buddhi if something goes wrong
  • Lucky was the Assistant Stage Manager, who usually is at the 'opposite prompt'
  • I couldn't think of any words for Karu
  • Dayantha, apart from being the Vice President, brought tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits etc. for our meetings. But he often forgot to bring cups and/or spoons. When he brought cups, it was often the wrong type - the ones that couldn't be used for hot drinks. Thanks to Dayantha, we learnt:  
  1. how to have tea without any cups
  2. how to have tea with a fork and an object that initially looks like a cup but later melts into a shape resembling a plate

- Vasantha Saparamadu