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100+ Ways to Recognize & Reward Your School Staff Emily E. Houck This book provides school administrators with practical, easy-to-use, and inexpensive ways to reward and recognize the efforts of their staff. 
101 Games for Trainers Bob Pike with Christopher Busse This book provides dozens of games, exercises, and activities specifically designed to promote teamwork, break the ice, develop communication skills, as well as many more. 
101 Ways to Make Training Active Mel Silberman and Karen Lawson The most extensive collection of active-learning techniques ever published, this book offers specific suggestions on how to organize and conduct lively training sessions that can be used to teach any subject. From team building to stimulating discussions to prompting questions, developing skills, inviting feedback and promoting back-on-the-job application, you’ll discover inventive, proven strategies to make your training sessions unforgettable. 
Art of Great Training Delivery Jean Barbazette This book is designed to help trainers move their training and facilitation skills to the next level of performance. 
Assessing Impact Evaluating Staff Development Joellen Killion The author shares what she learned and offers ideas and suggestions for conducting practitioner-based evaluations of staff development.  
Classrooms of Effective Teachers ASCD This guide is to assist educators who seek to strengthen their understanding of what it means to be an effective teacher. 
Energize Your Meetings With Laughter Sheila Feigelson Here is a simple, down-to-earth guide for making meetings more productive by putting lighthearted humor and fun to work. 
Fish! Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul, and John Christensen This book serves as a practical guide for helping readers understand the importance of creating a passion-filled workplace and shows through real-world examples how to create that environment. 
Fish Sticks! Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., John Christensen, and Harry Paul This brilliant new parable will show you how to help make those changes stick--for good. 
Fish Tales! Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., John Christensen, and Harry Paul This book features dozens of short bites drawn from an even larger variety of business and life situations. 
Implementing Change: Patterns, Principles, and Potholes Gene E. Hall and Shirley M. Hord This is a research-based guide for educators to the practical methods of understanding, evaluating and facilitating the change process. Implementing Change examines the ways in which change processes are experienced by those "on the ground" while adding new features, new material, and the most current research. (2 copies) 
Instant Icebreakers Nancy Loving Tubesing and Sandy Christian Introduce the subject at hand and introduce participants to each other with these proven strategies that appeal to many audiences and learning styles. No matter what your topic these high-energy group processes reduce resistance to learning, set the stage for problem solving, open communication lines, promote group interaction, and prepare a path for change. 
Motivating and Inspiring Teachers Todd Whitaker, Beth Whitaker, and Dale Lump This book will help revitalize and re-energize your school. It is filled with strategies to motivate and stimulate your faculty and staff. Included in this book are simple suggestions which you can integrate into your current daily routines on dealing with difficult teachers, staff development, human resources, banishing anonymity, and community relations. 
Sharing Your Good Ideas, A Workshop Facilitator’s Handbook Peggy A. Sharp This handbook describes presentation and workshop ideas and strategies designed to help today’s educators organize and conduct effective presentations for other teaching adults. It is written for those with little or no experience in workshop facilitation, but even the most experienced presenter will find the ideas valuable. 
Staff Development, Practices that Promote Leadership in Learning Communities Sally J. Zepeda This book is one of a series of 21 books that examine what every good principal should know. The author examines the major issues in the field of staff development. She presents the major models that explain the theoretical basis for different kinds of professional growth programs. (2 copies) 
Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal Through concrete examples, useful forms, and assessment tools, this book provides a clear roadmap to effective teacher evaluation systems that combine quality assurance with professional development for all teachers. 
Teaching Tips Spence Rogers Practical, immediately usable, and teacher-tested tips from leaders in effective instructional practices for increasing student motivation and learning. 
Trainers Bonanza, Over 1000 Fabulous Tips and Tools Eric Jensen This exciting new book contains a gold-mine of innovative, ready-to-use ideas to make your training sessions sizzle. Discover powerful tools that will motivate your participants and ensure unforgettable experiences. 
Transforming School Culture, How to Overcome Staff Division Anthony Muhammad Transforming School Culture provides a framework for understanding how school cultures operate and how leaders can overcome staff division to improve relationships and transform toxic cultures into healthy ones. He provides specific strategies for working with each group of educators to transform school culture and intentionally create positive atmospheres that not only tolerate change, but seek and embrace the changes that maximize organizational effectiveness. 
Wuzzles for Presenters Tom Underwood This book provides brain-teasing word puzzles for presenters to challenge, enlighten, and entertain. 
Showing 20 items