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5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching--A Practical Guide for Educators Laura Weaver and Mark Wilding Engaged teaching recognizes that educators need to offer more than lesson plans and assessments for students to thrive in the 21st century. Equip your students to be resilient individuals, able to communicate effectively and work with diverse people. The authors contend that students must develop their emotional and social skills as thoroughly as their academic skills, and that teachers must cultivate this growth. 
Accountability for Learning Douglas Reeves The book explains how to build a student-centered accountability system by examining key indicators in teaching, leadership, curriculum, and parent and community involvement. (2 copies) 
Activating the Desire to Learn Bob Sullo Veteran educator Bob Sullo shows how to apply lessons from the research on motivation in the classroom. 
Art of Classroom Inquiry Ruth Shagoury Hubbard and Brenda Miller Power “The Art of Classroom Inquiry shows teachers how they can carefully and systematically pursue their wonderings through research. This is the first handbook published specifically for teacher-researchers with their needs and strengths in mind.” 
Ball Todd Whitaker This refreshing story is a reminder that goals, passion, and the simple truths of your pursuit are the most successful organization, and should be its enduring architecture. A DVD is also included. 
Become Who You Were Born To Be Brian Souza This book is a blueprint for discovering your unique gift and using it to realize your personal and professional potential. 
Best Schools Thomas Armstrong The author urges educators to leave narrow definitions of learning behind and return to the great thinkers of the past 100 years. This book highlights examples of educational programs that are honoring students' differences. 
Big Picture Dennis Littky Here, you'll find a moving account of just what is possible in education, with many of the examples drawn from the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center in Providence, Rhode Island--a diverse public high school with the highest rates of attendance and college acceptance in the state. 
Courage to Teach Parker J. Palmer Parker Palmer takes teachers on an inner journey toward reconnecting with their vocation and their students and recovering their passion for one of the most difficult and important of human endeavors, teaching. (2 copies) 
Creating the Opportunity to Learn A. Wade Boykin and Pedro Noguera This book will help you navigate the turbid waters of evidence-based methodologies and chart a course toward closing (and eliminating) the academic achievement gap. 
Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World Heidi Hayes Jacobs The author launches a powerful case for overhauling, updating, and injecting life into the K-12 curriclum. 
Data Analysis for Comprehensive School Wide Improvement Victoria L. Bernhardt This book presents practical tools to help educators make better decisions based on data. Targeted at non-statisticians, this book shows you how to gather, analyze, and use information to improve all aspects of your school. 
Diagnostic Teacher, Constructing New Approaches to Professional Development Mildred Z. Solomon This provocative new volume from one of the nation’s leading educational think tanks presents in-depth portraits of teachers, professional development staff, and researchers working together to deepen teachers’ professional capacities and students’ learning experiences. It describes a variety of powerful classroom and school-based strategies that help students achieve and teachers thrive. 
Disrupting Class--How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, and Curtis W. Johnson The coauthors continue to drive the discussion about education and learning, using Christensen's widely praised theories of "disruptive" change. School administrators, government officials, business leaders, parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs--all will discover surprising new ideas, outside-the-box strategies, and straight-A success stories. 
Drive--The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Daniel H. Pink Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Pink exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does--and how that affects every aspect of life. In Drive, he examines the three elements of true motivation--autonomy, mastery, and purpose--and offers smart and surprising techniques for putting these into action. 
Energizing Teacher Education and Professional Development with Problem-Based Learning Barbara B. Levin, Editor Levin provides field-tested examples of how teacher educators have used problem-based learning in many professional development settings. Based on actual PBL units and activities contributed by various authors, the book describes how teachers tackled authentic problems that required them to find, evaluate, and use resources to learn, just as they expect their students to do when using PBL. 
Energy to Teach Donald H. Graves The Energy to Teach offers groundbreaking insight along with proven-effective techniques on how highly effective teachers deal with emotional demands, and how they gain help and support from their colleagues and administrators. (2 copies) 
Engaging Teachers in Classroom Walkthroughs Donald S. Kachur, Judith A. Stout, and Cluadia L. Edwards This book is a practical guide to the planning and implementation of brief but focused classroom observations that involve teachers in every step of the process. This book demonstrates that when teachers learn from one another in a cycle of continuous professional growth--through observation, shared inquiry, dialogue, and follow-up--they develop a sense of collegiality and common mission. 
Enhancing Professional Practice, A Framework for Teaching Charlotte Danielson The framework for teaching is a research-based set of components of instruction that are grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. The framework may be used for many purposes, but its full value is realized as the foundation for professional conversations among practitioners as they seek to enhance their skill in the complex task of teaching. (2 copies) 
Epiphany, True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage, and Transform Elise Ballard Inspiring, thought-provoking, and eye-opening, Epiphany shares deeply intimate stories of people from all walks of life. Whether discovering purpose in life, awakening to new possibilities, or finding a new direction after a catastrophic setback, each person's epiphany is a fight, providing new insight into these remarkable lives and a window into a the universal truths that connect us all. 
Essential 55 and Workbook Ron Clark With this runaway New York Times bestseller, Ron Clark lit a fire under parents and teachers everywhere to raise their standards and expect the best from their students. Read this book and find out why so many people nationwide have found these rules to be just what they were looking for to help their kids succeed in school. (with activity workbook) 
Evaluating Professional Development Thomas R. Guskey Explore increasing levels of sophistication in evaluating professional development, from the participants' reaction to professional development to how to evaluate organizational support and change. 
Flat World and Education Linda Darling-Hammond This book offers an eye-opening wake-up call concerning America's future and vividly illustrates what the United States needs to do in order to build a system of high-achieving and equitable schools that ensures every child the right to learn. 
Flip Side--Break Free of the Behaviors that Hold You Back Flip Flippen In this insightful and compassionate book, psychotherapist and business coach Flip Flippen shares stories from his life and reveals the top ten behaviors--the "killer constraints"--that hold people back. Discover strategies specially designed to attack your weaknesses, play up your strengths, and deal with the flip sides of bosses, family members, and employees. 
Following Through, A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start Steve Levinson, Ph.D. and Pete Greider, M. Ed. Following Through shines a spotlight into the black hole in inner space where good intentions disappear. It reveals the startling reasons why being serious about making life-improving changes doesn't keep your good intentions from fizzling out long before the job is done. 
Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping Heidi Hayes Jacobs A wide range of perspectives on how to get the most out of the curriculum mapping process in districts and schools is offered in this book. 
Global Achievement Gap Tony Wagner With insights gained from interviews with business leaders, reviews of new research and extensive classroom observations in the country's leading suburban schools, he analyzes performance by considering the skills the next generation will need in the workplace. 
Higher Order Thinking Skills R. Bruce Williams Thinking skills need to be taught. Explicit instruction in thinking skills must be a priority goal of all teachers. The author presents a framework of the five R’s: Relevance, Richness, Relatedness, Rigor, and Recursiveness. The framework serves to illuminate instruction in critical and creative thinking skills for K-12 teachers across content areas. 
How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader John G. Gabriel The author explores the responsibilities and rewards of teacher leadership, offering practical and positive advice in a number of areas. 
If You Don’t Feed The Teachers, They Eat The Students Neila Connors This book is for anyone who agrees that teaching is the most important profession there is. It needs to be read by individuals who recognize that teaching is difficult, and teachers need continual appreciative acts. Whenever we can provide positive experiences to promote teachers and their efforts, we are on a winning track. It would help if the readers were well-adjusted leaders and in positions to implement the suggestions. 
Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time Jane E. Pollock Jane shows how making the right adjustments in four critical areas of practice--curriculum, instructional planning and delivery, assessment, and record keeping and reporting--can help any teacher improve student learning significantly. 
Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language Steven Pinker One of the world's leading scientists of language and the mind, he lucidly explains everything you always wanted to know about language: how it works, how children learn it, how it changes, how the brain computes it, and how it evolved. 
Learning Along the Way Diane Sweeney You will see concrete examples of how your school can move away from a one-size-fits-all professional development model to create an authentic learning environment that meets the needs of individual teachers. 
Learning Circles, Creating Conditions for Professional Development Michelle Collay, Diane Dunlap, Walter Enloe, and George Gagnon Jr. This book shows how learning circles, small groups of learners who come together to support each other in learning, can make great improvements in the quality of teaching an learning in your school. Based on six key conditions, teachers form learning circles by learning how to build a community, construct their knowledge through personal experience, support other learners, document reflections on their experience, assess their expectations, and improve the culture of their classrooms. 
Learning for the Future, Rethinking Schools for the 21st Century Gabriel Rshaid with a contribution from Ainsley Rose Learning for the Future clearly identifies the main drivers and major themes associated with 21st century education and looks at strategies for the gradual reassessment of curriculum and the instructional process. 
Lighting Their Fires--Raising Extraordinary Children in a Mixed-Up, Muddled-up, Shook-up World Rafe Esquith Using Rafe's amazing and inspiring classroom techniques, Esquith has helped thousands of children to learn to maximize their potential. Esquith shows that children aren't born extraordinary; they become that way as result of parents and teachers who instill values that guide them not just in school, but for the rest of their lives. 
Looking in Classrooms Thomas L. Good and Jere E. Brophy This book synthesizes the knowledge base on student motivation, classroom teaching, teacher expectations, and adapting instruction for individual teachers. 
Mobilizing the Community to Help Students Succeed Hugh B. Price The author shares the lessons learned while helping to do just that during his tenure as president of the National Urban League. here, find out how educators can apply some of the same tactics to inspire and reward academic achievement in even the most challenged school districts. 
Outliers--The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell The lives of outliers, people whose achievements fall outside normal experience, follow a peculiar and unexpected logic, and in uncovering that logic, Gladwell presents a fascinating and provocative blueprint for making the most of human potential. 
Out of Our Minds Ken Robinson Ken Robinson offers a groundbreaking approach to understanding creativity in education and in business. He argues that people and organizations everywhere are dealing with problems that originiate in schools and universities and that many people leave education with no idea at all of their real creative abilities. Out of Our Minds is a pasionate and powerful call for radically different approaches to leadership, teaching and professional development to help us all to meet the extraordinary challenges of living and working in the 21st century. 
Perfectionism--What's Bad About Being Too Good? Miriam Adderholdt, Ph.D. and Jan Goldberg Are you a high achiever? A straight-A student? A procrastinator? A workaholic? Are you hard on yourself? This book helps you find out if you are. It explores some of the possible reasons why you are. And it offers lots of useful strategies for learning how to ease up on yourself and get your perfectionism under control. 
Presenter's Fieldbook: A Practical Guide Robert Garmston This book is written for any person in the educational setting who has an occasion to present to others. 
Principal as Staff Developer Richard Dufour This book begins with the premise that the principal is a key figure in determining the ultimate success of any effort to develop school personnel and thus plays a major role in school improvement. 
Promising Practices for Urban Reading Instruction Pamela A. Mason and Jeanne Shay Schumm, Editors This collection of research-based articles is framed around the International Reading Association position statement: Making a Difference Means Making It Different: Honoring Children’s Rights to Excellent Reading Instruction, which presents 10 literacy rights of every child, outlining what children need to become competent readers and writers. 
Qualities of Effective Teachers James H. Stronge The profiles of effective teachers are as diverse as the students they teach. Stronge focuses specifically on what teachers can control: their own preparation, personality, and practices. 
Real Talk for Real Teachers Rafe Esquith Mr. Esquith tackles the three stages of life for the career teacher, and outlines both practical advice and inspiration for managing your classrooms, challenging your students, and keeping your own passions alive. Esquith's years of teaching have given him gems of wisdom about how to work smarter, not harder, and how to draw on those years of experience to flourish and continue growing. 
Results Now Mike Schmoker The author presents the brutal facts about the quality of instruction across the curriculum. He argues convincingly that if student achievement is to improve, especially in the higher-order proficiencies, instruction will necessarily have to change and improve simultaneously. (2 copies) 
Results, The Key to Continuous School Improvement Mike Schmoker The author answers questions that relate to how you know if your school is improving. He focuses on student learning. (2 copies) 
School Portfolio Toolkit Victoria L. Bernhardt The toolkit is a compilation of ideas, examples, suggestions, activities, tools, strategies, and templates for producing school portfolios that will lead to continuous school improvement. With the emphasis being placed on high stakes testing and state accountability, it is imperative that all schools use a comprehensive approach to data analysis and school improvement. We can no longer be guided by our guts or hunches, no matter how well intentioned. 
Straight Talk for Today's Teacher Adrienne Mack-Kirschner The author gives you the nuts and bolts advice on foundational but often difficult-to-understand teaching strategies. 
Succeeding with Standards, Linking Curriculum, Assessment, and Action Planning Judy F. Carr and Douglas E. Harris This book offers a practical, school-tested, solution to the challenge of incorporating standards at all levels with the best of the local education system. The authors describe a comprehensive process by which schools and districts can turn piecemeal initiatives into coherent planning. 
Supervision That Improves Teaching, Strategies and Techniques Susan Sullivan and Jeffrey Glanz This book offers a plan for improving classroom instruction though the supervisory process. No more theories that sound good, just real-world strategies and techniques that work offered in an applicable, user-friendly guide such as jargon-free text, hands-on practices to develop a personalized supervision strategy, research-based and empirically tested strategies, field-tested tools and techniques for qualitative and quantitative observation, comprehensive resources of traditional and alternative supervisory structures, reproducible summary sheets, and observations charts. 
Tales from the Teacher's Lounge Paul Seaburn and Lynda Twardowski You knew your teachers talked about you--now find out what they are saying. 
Teachers Wanted--Attracting and Retaining Good Teachers Daniel A. Heller This book offers practical insights into the changes that are essential to building a dynamic, intellectually challenging school environment that will attract and keep the most highly qualified teachers. 
Teaching Essentials Regie Routman Drawing on her extensive work with students who have excelled against great odds, Regie shares the principles and practices that help all students and teachers reach their full potential. 
Teaching Gap James Stigler, Ph.D. and James Hiebert, Ph.D. The authors have given nothing less than a "best practices" for teachers--one that offers proof that how teachers teach is far more important than increased spending, state-of-the-art facilities, mandatory homework, or special education--and a plan for change that educators, teachers, and parents can implement together. 
Totally Positive Teaching, A Five-Stage Approach to Energizing Students and Teachers Joseph Ciaccio The author shares an approach that transformed him from a burned-out veteran teacher struggling joylessly through each day to a professional who has fun with his students, guiding them to success while enjoying the teaching process. 
Trainer's Bonanza Eric Jensen This exciting book contains a gold mine of innovative, ready-to-use ideas to make your training sessions sizzle. Discover powerful tools that will motivate your participants and insure unforgettable learning experiences! 
Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools William H. Parrett and Kathleen M. Budge Principals, teacher-leaders, and district leaders can benefit from the real-world examples and practical guidelines, all based on research and experience. Rather than suggesting a one-size-fits-all-approach, the authors acknowledge the unique context of individual schools and urge readers to engage in self-assessment, reflection, and coordinated action to learn together and lead together, with rubrics and planning templates provided to guide the process. 
Unauthorized Teacher's Survival Guide Jack Warner and Clyde Bryan The authors combine their 50 years of teaching experience with what they learned from surveying hundreds of teachers and school administrators to bring you this compact reference packed with helpful information for teachers from elementary through high school. (2 copies) 
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