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21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John C. Maxwell The author has combined insights learned from his thirty-plus years of leadership successes and mistakes with observations from the worlds of business, politics, sports, religion, and military conflict. (2 copies) 
Awakening the Sleeping Giant, Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders Marilyn Katzenmeyer and Gayle Moller As the importance of teacher leaders continues to grow, the demand for new information and new inspiration on teacher leadership grows as well. Updated research, fresh examples, and the insights of over 5,000 teacher leaders have produced a revitalized edition of this definitive work on teacher leadership, including defining teacher leadership, garnering support for teacher leadership, developing teacher leaders, honoring the uniqueness of teacher leaders, building a culture that supports teacher leadership, providing time, and anticipating the future. 
Change Leadership, A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools Tony Wagner, Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Richard W. Lemons, Jude Garnier, Deborah Helsing, Annie Howell, and Harriette Thurber Rasmussen This book brings the work of the Change Leadership Group to a broader audience, providing a framework to analyze the work of school change and exercises that guide educators through the development of their practice as agents of change. (5 copies) 
District Leadership That Works--Striking the Right Balance Robert J. Marzano and Timothy Waters This book explores the research that proves district leadership does have an impact on student achievement in the classroom. When leaders strike the right balance between establishing overarching goals and supporting building-level autonomy on how to meet those goals, student achievement flourishes. 
Do More Great Work Michael Bungay Stanier In fifteen invaluable exercises, this book shows how you can finally do more of the work that engages and stretches you, that has a real impact, that plays to your strengths-and that matters. 
Effective Executive, the Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done Peter F. Drucker Drucker identifies five practices essential to business effectiveness that can, and must, be learned. 
Effective School Leadership, Strategies for Successful Administrators James Johnston This book offers strategies and techniques to help you succeed in a leadership position. Self-management skills, conflict situations, and communicating effectively are discussed. 
Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom--District Leadership for Growing Professional Learning Communities at Work Robert Eaker and Janel Keating The authors ask, "What kind of school would we consider good enough for our own children? What would a PLC look like if we really meant it when we committed to ensuring the learning of each student?" Robert Eaker and Janel Keating suggest that these two questions drive effective PLC leaders. With a focus on simultaneous top-down and bottom-up leadership, the authors show how to embed PLC practices and grow leaders at every level of a school system. 
First-Time Manager Loren B. Belker and Gary S. Topchik Clear and concise, the book covers all the fundamentals you need for success. 
From Standards to Success Mark R. O'Shea To illustrate his multi-layered approach, O'Shea takes readers to a fictional school as it prepares to install Standards Achievement Planning Cycle (SAPC). 
Guiding School Change, The Role and Work of Change Agents Frances O’Connell Rust, Editor This inspirational and focused volume will guide individuals on the front lines of school reform. Written by leading teachers and scholars and drawn from the real life work of practitioners committed to change, these narratives shed much light on an increasingly important subject, the role and work of change agents. 
Hands–On Leadership, Tools for Principals Raymond L. Calabrese This book provides you with 55 leadership tools, 24 step-by-step procedures, and 13 pitfalls to avoid to help you become a more effective school principal. It explains the concrete steps you must take to achieve your goals as the leader of your school. 
Hero’s Journey, How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning John L. Brown and Cerylle A. Moffett This book affirms the power of personal and collective responsibility to enact heroic changes in our schools. Through a shared vision, purpose and inquiry, and using the collective wisdom of myth, legend, and metaphor from around the world, we can find the inspiration and courage to face the challenges inherent in transforming schools into authentic learning organizations. 
How Full is Your Bucket? Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. This book reveals how even the briefest interactions affect your relationships, productivity, health, and longevity. 
How Would You Move Mount Fuji? William Poundstone Managers seeking the most talented employees will learn to incorporate puzzle interviews in their search for top candidates. 
If You’re Riding a Horse and It Dies, Get Off Jim Grant and Char Forsten This is humorous allegory about education, well-intentioned people with unrealistic ideas, and a dead horse. Confused? Read this book to consider some of the more important strategies for dealing with education today. 
Implementing Change: Patterns, Principles and Potholes Gene E. Hall and Shirley M. Hord This book is based on the Concerns-based Adoption Model for change (CBAM) and offers a number of important ways for understanding what change is about especially as it relates to the people involved. It presents a way of understanding and facilitating the change process in organizational and educational settings. (2 copies) 
Intentional Leadership Jane A. G. Kise The author introduces the 12 Lenses for Leadership--a framework developed from extensive research on personality type and emotional intelligence, and a meta-analysis of the essential tasks and attitudes of successful leaders. 
Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement Linda Lambert Combining the author's own insights with real-life examples and practical exercises, this book is an indispensable guide to enhancing and sustaining a culture of leadership in any school. (2 copies) 
Leadership for Differentiating Schools & Classrooms Carol Ann Tomlinson and Susan Demirsky Allan This book explores how school leaders can develop responsive, personalized, and differentiated classrooms. Differentiation is simply a teacher attending to the learning needs of a particular student or small group of students, rather than teaching a class as though all individuals in it were basically alike. 
Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed Carl D. Glickman This book goes beyond the basics of supervision to place the work of instructional leadership within the context of whole-school improvement. Drawing on his years of experience with schools in varied settings, Glickman offers both advice and inspiration to instructional leaders who strive toward the ultimate goal of providing the best possible classroom experience for every student. (2 copies) 
Leaders of Learning--How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement Richard DuFour and Robert J. Marzano No single person has all the knowledge, skills, and talent to lead a district, improve a school, or meet all the needs of every student. It takes a collaborative effort and widely dispersed leadership to meet the challenges confronting schools. Leaders of Learning looks at district leadership, principal leadership, and team leadership and addresses how individual teachers can be most effective in leading their students. 
Leading and Supervising Instruction John C. Daresh Each chapter opens with a real-world scenario designed to coach principals on how to become instructional leaders who reach school goals while placing student needs in the foreground. Daresh also provides "next steps" to help principals understand what effective supervision and learning look like in action, while recognizing different and equally effective styles of instruction among a diverse teaching staff. 
Leading Change John P. Kotter The author's experience and wisdom based on lessons he has learned from scores of organizations and businesses result in a book that is at once inspiring, clear-headed, and filled with important implications for the future. 
Leading Every Day, 124 Actions for Effective Leadership Joyce Kaser, Susan Mundry, Katherine E. Stiles, and Susan Loucks-Horsley This book helps you effectively enhance leadership practice in yourself and others through discussion, reflection, and application of the concepts introduced by these best-selling authors and leadership experts. There is also a Facilitator's Guide to go with this book. 
Leading Learning Communities, Standards for What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do National Association of Elementary School Principals This book presents the voices of elementary and middle school principals who state their belief that everything a principal does in school must be focused on ensuring the learning of adults and students. 
Learning Leader: How to Focus School Improvement for Better Results Douglas B. Reeves Mr. Reeves helps leadership teams go beyond excuses to capitalize on their strengths and reduce their weaknesses. He introduces the Leadership for Learning Framework, which challenges readers to consider that student achievement is more than a set of test scores. ( 2 copies) 
Managing Conversations with Hostile Adults Georgia J. Kosmoski and Dennis R. Pollack Teachers, now you can identify and apply the proven strategies to deal with hostile adults in schools. Skill in communicating is essential for teachers, and now the wisdom of your colleagues can help you to deal with one of your most difficult challenges, hostile adults. Drawn from actual experience, this book is based on the advice of more that 250 practicing teachers. It is a valuable resource that can take you from reactive to proactive. 
New Principal's Fieldbook, Strategies for Success Pam Robbins and Harvey Alvy Grounded in recent research and successful practice, this book prepares new and aspiring principals for the unexpected twists and turns of school leadership. 
Principal as Staff Developer Richard P. DuFour This is a book which would be of value to any administrator. It is different by virtue of connecting staff development with clinical supervision. 
Principal Evaluation James H. Stronge Effective principals run effective schools: this much we know. Accurately measuring principal effectiveness, however, has long been an elusive goal for school administrators. James H. Stronge details the steps and resources necessary for designing a comprehensive principal evaluation system that is based on sound research and established best practices. 
Principals Who Learn Barbara Kohm and Beverly Nance The authors, former principals, encourage principals to step out of their comfort zone and pursue learning with their staff. Engaging scenarios and reflection questions are also included. 
Principal Talk! Principal Talk! The Art of Effective Communication in Successful School Leadership Cheli Cerra, M.Ed. and Ruth Jacoby, Ed.D. Principal Talk! provides 52 practical and useful scenarios to implement communication with teachers, parents, students, staff, and the community. Keep your cool and soar to new heights with insightful tips, worksheets, checklists, and sample letters for leadership. 
Reframing the Path to School Leadership Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal The best leaders use multiple frames or lenses to view common challenges and to solve their most difficult problems. The authors demonstrate how framing, and then reframing, challenges brings clarity, helps to anticpate problems, and leads to more comprehensive and powerful leadership strategies. 
Right to Learn Linda Darling-Hammond The author addresses how teacher knowledge and skills impact student learning. 
School Leader's Guide to Grading Ken O'Connor Using research, this book shows principals how to emphasize and honor learning in their schools' grading and assessment processes, while ensuring that grades are accurate, meaningful, and consistent. (2 copies) 
School Leadership that Works Robert J. Marzano, Timothy Waters, and Brian A. McNulty Combining rigorous research with practical advice, School Leadership That Works gives school administrators the guidance they need to provide strong leadership for better schools. (2 copies) 
Skillful Leader, Confronting Mediocre Teaching Alexander D. Platt, Caroline E. Tripp, Wayne R. Ogden, and Robert G. Fraser This book is a through guide for leaders interested in promoting more skillful teaching. They provide insight into the character of both excellent and mediocre instruction and provide concrete strategies for administrators who what to make a difference in the professional lives of teacher s and for the children they teach. 
Teacher Evaluation: To Enhance Professional Practice Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal Through concrete examples, useful forms, and assessment tools, this book provides a clear roadmap to effective teacher evaluation systems that combine quality assurance with professional development for all teachers. 
Total Leaders, Applying the Best Future-Focused Change Strategies to Education Charles J. Schwahn and William G. Spady Total Leaders is our best attempt to put the minds and insights of the most respected authorities to work in one simple yet dynamic leadership and change model that will strengthen your leadership insights, performance, and effectiveness. 
Truth About Managing People..And Nothing But the Truth Stephen P. Robbins This book assembles evidence about some of the most useful information for managing people to achieve higher productivity and morale. 
Vocabulary Their Way--Word Study with Middle and Secondary Students Shane Templeton, Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, and Francine Johnston Vocabulary knowledge is the single best indicator of students' reading ability and comprehension, and therefore, one of the best predictors of their success in school. This book will help you build a solid content area vocabulary foundation with students as it gives you the tools to assess your students' knowledge to determine where instruction should begin. 
What Great Principals Do Differently Todd Whitaker What are the specific qualities and practices of great principals which elevate them above the rest? This books reveals fifteen things that the most successful principals do and that other principals do not. (2 copies) 
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