Newaukum Valley Narrow Gauge Railroad

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Lewis County Model Railroad Club

This is my first attempt in years to build a layout.  I was introduced to On30 by a friend.  My first purchase was a Bachmann 0-4-2 Porter and it has grown from there. 

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Updated 02/02/2016

The plan as I drew it with XtrackCAD.  As you can see it is very simple. All track is now operational.  Scenery is almost completed.  It still needs lots of details.

I use the Operations option in JMRI Decoderpro.  This is a very easy to set up switch list program.  No time tables just easy going switching.

I think this will have to be my final configuration.  I added a bump out on the left so I could have a turntable.  Now locos can be turned at each end of the layout.

Control is by a Digitrax Zypher.  WIFI control is also hooked up for WiThrottle and Engine Driver use.

The room is only about 12 x 13 foot so space is a bit tight.  Four people can operate as two teams max. 


YouTube Video

LEFT:  This view is the longest part of the layout.  Beasley station is a Banta modelworks kit.

RIGHT:  This is the first version of my iPod carrier riding on a On30 flatcar.  It was used to take the video.  The lower pictures is my next version that I built as a car so I could use it on HO layouts.  It is just within the NMRA standards.  The iPods camera is located in one corner so by flipping it over I can also take track level video using the lower mirror.  The final videos are mirrored so I use the Mirror option in MS Movie Maker to change the movie to the original perspective.


This part of the layout is 2 inches higher than the Left end to give a little more room over my workbench and to clear a light switch.

Both buildings are Banta kits.

Been doing a little work on the layout lately.  A little color really helps.

RIGHT: Beasley Station with S&B Supplies in background.  A Bachmann Railbus with a Backwoods Miniatures conversion kit sitting at the station.

Beasley now has a new station.  I scratch built it from plans of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Chicago Park station.  The small Banta station will be sold.

LEFT:  This is a Banta Herbert's Crossing freight house kit.  It at the end of the line at the town of Shaw.   It still needs lots of details.

Both freight cars are International Hobbies kits.

RIGHT:  An average train on the NVNGRR heading upgrade to Shaw.

LEFT:  The first part of the layout to get scenery.  Details will be added as I think of them. There will be a station behind the lighter colored boxcar.   It will have to be a flat because there is only 2 1/2 inches between the track and backdrop.

RIGHT:  The Engine Shed/Repair shop is a Banta kit.  Here a mixed trains is leaving Shaw heading for Beasley.

The town of Shaw has changed with the addition of a Kitwood Hill Models turntable kit.  This is a very nice laser cut kit from the UK.  Everything is included in the kit except glue and batteries.  It uses 1 1.5v AA battery to turn it and just the right speed.  Track polarity is changed with a Digitrax auto reverse unit.

I needed a small water tank for this area so I scratch built one.  The prototype was a 2700 gallon tank on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge at Nevada City, CA.

LEFT:  This is the opposite end from the picture above.  This still needs details, underbrush, more trees, etc.  The rock is a little darker than it looks in the photo.

RIGHT:  Bachmann Gas Mechanical with Backwoods Miniatures dress up kit.





 Mt. Albert Lumber
I finally found a home for this kit.  Still have to scenic around them.  I kept the name in honor of both my father and brother.  Both Alberts.

The latest addition to my layout.  This freight house is modeled after the HO Fine Scale Miniatures Old Time Freight house.
This structure replaces Findley Freight at Beasley.
 A few photos of an Operations session on the NVNGRR.

Bill switching Shaw

 Rick and Phil discussing moves at the town of George.

Don ignoring the trains and  playing with his tablet.

Rick (confused?) at Beasley.

Phil definitely confused at Beasley.

 Dan and Jeff at an earlier Ops session.

David switching the new Lumber yard