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Saga of the Dark Army

Saga of the Dark Army

This Piece was performed at The Gathering - Corryong 2008 winning 1st prize for Baldric
by a combined team effort by members of Hodegon, Vlachernai, Vighla and Jomsborgelag Sudhird

The Telling of The Dark Army Saga resulted in many people falling off hay bales with laughter
it was based on an occurance that happened on the Saturday of the event
( see Background at the end of the piece )

The Dark Army

Saga of the Dark Army

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden enters

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden:
“There was a time in this land when a war waged between two great armies.
The battle was so ferrous that the grass was red with blood.

A woman came into the middle of this battle to warn the warriors that there was a danger - another army was approaching their vessels in the safe harbour.
But only three heeded the warning – two Mighty Warriors and a Shield Maiden”

In enter the two Warriors they join the Saga Teller / Shield Maiden
–one hands her a staff of power – one is armed with a sling

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden:
“ The two Mighty Warriors and the Shield Maiden hastened to defend the Safe harbour and the could see that a massive army approached – a Dark Army

The Dark ArmySaga Teller / Shield Maiden points to where the Dark army is entering – bent over cloaked hooded figures shuffle in and jostle one another- some have one drinking horn held up to their head 

cast member portraying The Dark Army

Dark Army: moo ………….o Moo……….0

The two Warriors & Saga Teller / Shield Maiden face the Dark Army – take warrior stances

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden:
“They could see that this Dark Army was lead by a Dark Master – one who had horns of power"

In enters The Dark Master – who is a bent over hooded cloaked figure with two drinking horns held to his head that have are glowing ( two small torches are inside them )
And He stomps his feet and rubs him self up against a spectator sitting on a near by hay bale

Dark Master : MOO………O ! MOO………O !

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden:
“The two Mighty Warriors and the Shield Maiden knew that they had to hold the Safe harbour safe or the vessels would be damaged”

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden faces the Dark Army and takes a step forward – holding out her Staff of power – a weedy thin stick – she plants it on the ground and says in a Commanding voice she says


“But the Dark Army tries to test the strength of the Two mighty Warriors and the Shield Maiden”

The Dark Master – pushes the smallest cloaked figure out in front – who stomps his feet and tried to come forward towards the Shield Maiden & the two warriors

The smallest cloaked figure: MOO………O !

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden: says in a Commanding voice
“I see you Trouble Maker – Come no closer or be carved up into Rump Steak !”

“ The Shield Maiden and the Warriors knew that they could not hold against such number for long and that the Vessel Captains must be sent for to come and take their vessels to safety “

“ Go get the Captains “
she says to one of the Warriors – who leaves

He comes back bring a Vessel Captain with him

The Vessel Captain mimes unlocking a car door – getting in – starting it up and reversing back wards out of a parking spot and then in best Car Hoon style with head jerking nods Drives off – making “Duf duf” sounds as he goes.

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden:
“ now the Two mighty warriors and the Shield Maiden could leave and thou the Safe Harbour was lost to the Dark Army – no vessels were harmed”

Saga Teller / Shield Maiden points to the sky
“and the Gods seeing this did make a sign in the sky for all to see of their pleasure at this act of courage “

The Dark Army shuffle forward as the Warriors & the Shield Maiden leave

Back ground info to this piece:

The Gathering 2008 - on the Saturday while people where taking part in activities at the Gathering – The Lady Farmer came to tell us that a heard of Black potty Calf’s threatened the park cars – and had to be held at bay while the car owners could be got to come and take their cars to a safer spot for parking which took some time – they where held at bay by four people of which one was Jenny Baker doing a constant verbal conversation with the cows and since the cows stood at the same size as her ( 4 foot 11inches ) who had armed her self with a thin weedy branch that she had picked up in the hurry to save the cars - it was quiet scary thing to be under taken.
Every time they tried to come forward – they where met with verbal talk on being made Rump steak or being made into hamburgers. The herd had to be held back for some time - well over half an hour or more.
And as we left we saw a Jet Plane in the sky with a large white vapour trail behind it.

The three other Warriors were – Rowan Pooley from Jomsborgelag Sudhird - and David Newman & Russel Newman from Vlachernai.
But In the competition we only had two as David played the Dark Master

The base story of the Saga was put together and told by Jenny Baker – with inspirational input from the other cast members.

Cast Members:

Cast Members
Saga Teller / Shield Maiden – Indunna / Jenny Baker ( Hodegon)
Warrior 1 – Frakki nine fingers / Rowan Pooley (Jomsborgelag Sudhird)
Warrior 2 – Rurick The Rus / Russel Newman (Vlachernai)
Vessel Captain - Hugen / Huw MacCathie ( Vighla)

The Dark Army / Cows
Dark Army Master – David Newman (Vlachernai)
Ulf / Cam Cowled ( Vighla)
Oley / Alex MacCathie ( Vighla)
Godred / Matthew Goddwin ( Vighla)
Mc Jenko / Peter Jenkins ( Hodegon )
The smallest cloaked figure – Peter Cowled ( Vighla)

Prize won by The Dark Army Saga - Team