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Our 10th Birthday Event

Our 10th Birthday Event

For our 10th Birthday it was decided that we should hold a Feast & Treasure Hunt to celebrate with a Anglosaxon / Viking period theme.
The event was held on 18th & 19th Oct 2008 in the Great Pine Forest at Kinglake West 

Hodegon's 10th Birthday

It was a fantastic event - we had 76 people come and take part 

picture and details from the Flier of the event

Our senario was 
Everyone will know what they 10 Holy Relics are at the start when the map is given out
but all of the clues and the map inforamtion is all in Anglo saxon Runes - which they will have to decipher on the map is an alphabet code key to help them. 
As they found a relic there would be a clue board near by with the location of another relic in Anglosaxon Runes. 
They wont know the number of the bonus relics or what these are - they will come to light when they stumble on to their clues.

Hidden Dangers in the Forest -  
to keep those on the treasure hunters on their toes and as nervous as possible
Bears - some of the NVG younger teenage members dressed in fur hoods with bear ears and fur gloves to put on their hands - If the touched someone they were dead and Bears could not be attacked by the questers
Vikings warriors ( Karl, Gary, Dean ) attacking groups in the forest - these could be battled by 
the questers
Other Questing Parties - Questing Parties could way lay each other and take the relics

Safe Haven - this was the Monastery Tent any relic brought into the Monastery tent was safe 
this was also a resurrection point for those who had been killed while questing - once they recieved a blessing from Brother Mappo they  could go out again

The 10 Holy Relics  ( one for every year of the branch existence) 
Relic 1: Hodegetria Icon 
Relic 2: Hat of Saint Vlad 
Relic 3: Arrow of Saint Edmund 
Relic 4: The Grail (  we had as many different medieval styled cups as we could put together and they will have to pick out the collection - the one !)
Relic 5: Chalice of Saint Bede 
Relic 6: Finger of Saint Germanus (  there was a number of finger bones from which they will have to pick out - the one!)
Relic 7: Piece of the True Cross 
Relic 8: Saint Oswald’s head 
Relic 9: The oil of Saint Aidan ( we had a number of  little tericota bottles which  they had to pick out the collection - the one !)
Relic 10: Saint Birinus hand 

The Bonus Relics  ( we got carried away with it ) 
Relic 12 - Brother Mappo’s mead bottle
Relic 11 – The Glastonbury Thorn ( we got the biggest nastiest Thorn we could )
Relic 13 – The Eagle Standard 
Relic 14 – Brother Ratus 
Relic 15 - The Impaling stick of Saint Vlad
Relic 15 - The Shield Maiden Indunna's staff of Power 

Map of the site - all the clues where in anglosaxon runes

Feast meal was

1st course - Pea & Leak soup , cheese , light rye bread, walnuts

2nd Course - Venison & red wine stew, Honey root vegtables
Faggots in mead sauce, Rota stew, Apple & Barley Stew, Cheese & leek pie with barley flour pastry

3rd course -Elderberry cheese pie