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Hodegon Recommended Links 

Other Branches of the NVG

New Varangian Guard - Main website of the NVG, varangian guards reenactment troop with worldwide branches

Sister Branches 

In New South Wales

NVG Miklagar
 - Miklagard branch of the NVG    Their Facebook Page 

NVG Orestias ( formerly known as Mountains  ) Email: walkerNSW@gmail.com

   NVG Cataphract  Their Facebook Page 

In Queensland

NVG Rusland
 (Brisbane, Queensland ) 

NVG Jorthg
 - (Gold Coast, Queensland )  Their Facebook Page 

NVG Maurokastron (Brisbane, Queensland)  Email: maurokastron@gmail.com

NVG Silistra   ( Central Queensland ) Their Facebook Page 

In South Australia

NVG Handakas 
  (Adelaide, South Australia)    Their Facebook Page 

NVG Lagoda
  (Adelaide, South Australia)  Their Facebook Page 

In Victoria

NVG Vlachernai
(Melbourne – VIC)     

Their Facebook page 

NVG Dubh Linn (Geelong – VIC)   Their Facebook Page 

NVG Vighla   (Bendigo, Victoria) Email: krispin@netspace.net.au

Other Groups 

 Oi Askoi  - a varangiand guards and Byzantine officers reenactment troop which covers the period from the eleventh to the thirteenth century.

Jomsviking - Jomsborgarlag Sudhird  


Sven The Merchant        
 Facebook page              Website 

Manning Imperial             Facebook page              Website 

Medieval Fight Club        Facebook page              Website 


        Warburton Nordic Festival                         Facebook page              Website 
        Echuca Moama Celtic Festival                 Facebook page              Website 

        Gumeracha Medieval Fair ( S.Aust)         Facebook page              Website

Historical Research 

        Sven Skildbitter                        Website 
        Thatshim & Indunna                  Website                         Facebook page
        Looking for the Evidence        Facebook page              Website