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Club Membership

Hodegon NVG Club requirements & FAQs

Sorry but we have decided to shut down the club 
 Our members have merged into another club called the Frontiers Living History Group
We will still be doing our Viking thing - just under a new club name

Please come and visit us on The Frontiers Living History Groups website 

Authenticity Standards

While we are casual about dress requirements to training and craft days, it is expected that for all public events and private club camps that we are aiming to make our recreation as realistic as possible without compromising safety, the law, or personal enjoyment, and that all modern clothing or equipment is not to be visible to the general public.

Most of our club members have undertaken the task of hand sewing their outfits and shoes to historical clothing patterns, have made their personal tools and equipment, and have undertaken a lot of historical research before they have made these items to make sure they are historically correct.

There are plenty of people in the club who are willing to help you and guide you with most projects and training, and we are a friendly bunch - no, really, we are !

But please don't buy kit items before talking it over with our more experienced club members - they can guide you on what is best and save you $$ on costly mistakes.

Basic kit requirements for warrior training

  • Gloves covered with leather
  • Padded gambeson
  • Helmet
  • Groin protection (for both men and women)
  • Breast protection (for women)

Basic clothing kit requirements

  • Historical period tunic / shirt and undertunic / shirt made out of wool or linen
  • Leg wraps, hose or nalebinded socks made out of wool
  • Historical period pants (for men, warriors and some women's portrayals)
  • Hood made out of wool for winter and linen for summer
  • Hat in a period style
  • Leather shoes or boots in period style
  • Cloak in wool in a period style
  • Viking apron dress (for women)

Basic feasting Kit requirements

  • Wooden bowl
  • Wooden bread board
  • Spoon (metal, wooden or horn)
  • Knife
  • Drinking horn, pottery beaker or glass

Resources for Club members