Naveen Vetcha


I am a Propulsion analyst at ERC Inc. supporting Jacobs ESSSA contract at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. My work involves a system level analysis of RS-25 engineI also teach at University of Alabama HuntsvillePrior to this, I was a staff Engineer at ManTech (Nexolve), where I worked on the shape testing of James Webb Space Telescope's Sunshield.  Before joining ManTech, I worked as an Application Engineer at ESI US R&D. My work involved modeling and analysis of complex multiphysics problems and improving the CFD-ACE+ Suite of Multiphysics softwares. After finishing PhD, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher (2012-2013) and before that as a Graduate student researcher (2008-2012) at the Fusion Science & Technology center at University of California Los Angeles.