Class Fees

Enrollment Fee:  $36 per unit California Resident
                           $239 per unit Non-Resident
Total Units: 40   
    24 for EMT 310 (August-May)
    16 for EMT 311 (June-December)
Accident Insurance Fee $1 per course semester period
Student Health Fee $17 per course semester period
Student Rep Fee:  $1 per course semester period
Total Program Enrollment Fee: $1479 (Resident)
                                                 $9599 (Non-Resident)
Lab Pack Fees
EMT 310 $195
EMT 311 $140
Total Lab Pack Fees: $335

Program Uniform: (Pants, Uniform Shirt, Belt, Uniform Job Shirt, Hat, Uniform T-Shirt)  $165 (approximately)
Clinical Scrubs: $35 (approximately)
Total Uniform Cost:  $200

Background & Drug Testing Fee:  $88

Immunization, physical exam, fit testing:  Depends on insurance carrier and previous vaccination record.  Low cost physicals and immunizations are provided at the Student Health Center

Total Program Fees for Residents of California

Total Program Fees for Non-California Residents

Please be aware that these fees are subject to change based upon many variables.  We will keep this updated and current with any fee changes.  In addition the uniform cost is the basic required minimum and students tend to buy more than one set to meet the demands of the program.  Please budget accordingly.