The Nevada Planner newsletter reports on news, articles, and announcements from planning professionals in the region. The newsletter is issued three times a year, formatted as a PDF file and sent out via email.

Please look at the links below for the most recent edition of the newsletter.
In our continuing efforts to improve the quality of Nevada Planner, we are always seeking newsletter content (articles, announcements/events, etc.) written by our members that will be of interest to our readership. Every month there are great stories to tell about planning related issues going on in Nevada. Sharing our stories allows us to collaborate and learn about projects happening in other communities. Below are just a few examples of content that can be included in the newsletter:
  • Successful projects that have passed a significant milestone and offer useful tips for other planners
  • New ordinances or regulations that deal with a challenge your colleagues may be facing
  • Exciting partnerships that have been forged to achieve the development goals in your municipality
  • Announcements concerning a significant staff change that your colleagues would like to know about
  • Local planning events that other planners would like to attend

If you have an idea for an article or if you would like to advertise in the newsletter please contact the Newsletter Editor.