So about a month ago I started working on my first homebrew DS project. Unfortunately, I don't have very much free time at all, so I haven't worked on it altogether too much. I've basically been trying to port Frequency for the PS2 to the DS. Recently, it came to my attention that another coder has been coding AmplituDS so, I've decided to go ahead and announce my project in the hopes that maybe we could help each other out work kinks / get ideas that we have both experienced.

So here is my first release. We'll call it 0.00001alpha because it doesn't work all that well. Any comments / suggestions can go to nuudles AT gmail DOT com. You can also post to the GBA Dev forums which I'll be posting to.

0.00001alpha features:

  • Loads any MOD file right now (rename the file as test.mod in the root of your FAT card)
  • Loads note information from a WAM file (rename the file as test.wam in the root of your FAT card)
  • Authentic Frequency Octagon spiffiness
  • Uses the latest version of Chishm's FAT library, so it should support any of his supported cards (I only have a SuperCard SD and a SuperCard Lite to test, and only the SD works)

Right now, the whole song plays throughout the whole thing because I haven't debugged the muting/unmuting of the different channels yet.

0.00001alpha problems:

  • The whole thing gets out of sync relatively soon (this probably has a way with my speed calculation)
  • No point system yet
  • No powerup system yet
  • Couldn't get the Alpha system to work very well yet, so no spiffy track translucencies (for cleared tracks)
  • I had problems loading larger IT files to test with. The included MOD and WAM files work fine. 

0.00001alpha media

WAM File

The WAM file format is from Marfitude, which is a SDL port of Amplitude. The great thing about this file format for FrequenDS, is that you can essentially use Marfitude to create a WAM file automatically from any file libmikmod accepts. Furthermore, I'm using a ported version of libmikmod for the DS from the Tetatt DS project so essentially, in the end FrequenDS should be able to use anything that libmikmod accepts (although only MOD files are enabled right now).