Changing the pref.cs

In order to help with lag we all need to change the setting within our pref.cs.  In the TT folder it is located in ThinkTanks --> Game --> Client. There are many editors to use(notepad in Windows, TextEditor in mac or vim in Linux), if you don't know of any look at    


Looks like:(click on pic)

 These settings should be changed for both the person playing and also for the server hoster. The settings you should change to should be: FOR SERVER HOSTERS ONLY.  Everyone else should have them all the way open 32/32/450!!!!!!!!! (like the pic above)

56.6K Modem (dont even think of hosting)
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToClient = 16;
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToServer = 20;
$Pref::Net::PacketSize = 240;

DSL/ ADSL Connection
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToClient = 20;
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToServer = 24;
$Pref::Net::PacketSize = 350;

Cable Connection
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToClient = 24;
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToServer = 24;
$Pref::Net::PacketSize = 400;

T1/ LAN Connection (Maximums)
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToClient = 32;
$Pref::Net::PacketRateToServer = 32;
$Pref::Net::PacketSize = 450;

 After you make your changes please delete your prefs.cs.dso file. 

Eveyone needs to change these settings.  If we have one person that does not the server will be adjusting to them.   If you have any questions please ask then click on the magic 8 ball below, if not email me at