If you are contemplating between Nutrisystem and Medifast, worry not as you are not alone. After doing all the required checks, you may have shortlisted these two diets that are most popular and in demand. However, making the choice between Nutrisystem and Medifast is indeed a tough task. Both diets are membership based and deliver prepackaged foods that can be supplemented by garden fresh foods. If you dislike the very thought of cooking your own meals, these are the two best diet programs to consider. Hence, choosing between the two is a bit confusing especially when you consider the benefits they offer.

About Nutrisystem

The prepackaged meal diet concept of Nutrisystem has been a popular one and the company has been serving millions of people for more than 35 years. The main objective of Nutrisystem is to help people lose weight and also understand the significance of portion controlled meals. It is in fact the first company to have started the concept of delivering meals to doorsteps for the convenience of its subscribers.

Nutrisystem Meals

Nutrisystem offers more than 150 distinct food options to ensure that dieters have a variety to choose from. This diet program also offers the feasibility to its users to customize their plan considering their metabolism level. The diet plan estimates the metabolic rate based on distinct factors like gender, weight, age and level of physical activity. Besides offering customized menus, it also meets the national guidelines in terms of dietary consumption of fiber, cholesterol, sugar, sodium and fat. Every meal is perfectly portioned for low glycemic index.

Why Choose Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem helps dieters lose 10 pounds within the very first month of the diet
program through its Turbo 10 plan. It is indeed one of the simplest diet programs to follow. You also have an option to supplement the prepackaged foods with your grocery foods. Just by referring to the brochure provided by Nutrisystem, you can make healthy choices while buying your own groceries. This popular diet program primarily focuses on three key areas which have been mentioned below.

  • Portion Control – Some people choose healthy foods in their daily diet, but not all are aware of the portion size. This factor does play a significant role to keep you slimmer and fitter. If you continue eating foods of your choice without knowing when to stop, it often becomes the reason for weight gain or other serious conditions like obesity. As a result, Nutrisystem majorly focuses on portion control and also ensures that the users understand the importance of it by the end of the program. As a result, majority of dieters following Nutrisystem diet plan succeed in achieving their weight loss and fitness targets. Any type of food when consumed in excess quantity can affect your health in the long run. Therefore, the diet program offers prepackaged meals that are perfectly portioned so that you don’t ingest excess calories and gain weight.
  • Balanced Nutrition – In addition to paying attention to portion control and selecting the right foods, it is also important to have the right combination of nutrients in your diet. This helps in staying healthier and also weight loss goals can be accomplished effectively. The diet program of Nutrisystem is designed to ensure that there is a perfect balance between low sodium, low fat, high protein, fiber and low glycemic index. But, there is no compromise on the taste as well. The foods are prepared with best taste to ensure that dieters don’t binge on unhealthy foods. The foods are prepared and portioned in a manner to ensure that it keeps dieters feeling full in between meals. There is no scope for food cravings at odd hours.
  • Frequent Meals – Gone are the days when meals simply meant breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to stay healthy and control your weight, eating frequently is paramount. Therefore, the diet program from Nutrisystem encourages its subscribers to eat 6 meals within a gap of 2 to 3 hours daily. By doing so, your body feels more energized and less hungry. The meals are a combination of fresh foods from grocery and packaged foods delivered by Nutrisystem. The concept here is to have smaller meals at frequent intervals instead of heavy meals thrice a day. This way, you can control your calorie intake as well.

Nutrisystem Cost

The cost of Nutrisystem diet plans differs based on the plans you select. However, on an average, you spend about $250 to $550 per month.

About Medifast

Medifast diet program was designed in 1980 with an objective to help people achieve
weight loss. It is based on a medical heritage that has facilitated fitness and weight loss for several patients. The diet program is recommended by innumerable doctors today especially for obese or overweight patients. Originally, the diet program was only available under doctor’s supervision, but it is now made available for other people as well.  There are several diet programs wherein people are made to record their food intake, calories burned and physical activity performed. Whereas, Medifast is a dietary meal program that provides meals containing high protein directly to your doorstep. There is no hassle of visiting those crowded grocery stores as you can enjoy the convenience of healthy foods being delivered at home.

Medifast Meals

The diet mainly consists of foods like soups, bars shakes and other dishes which can be clubbed to make the menu of your choice on a day to day basis. There are more than 70 meal options for people that satisfy their dietary requirements and palate. If you are vegetarian or lactose intolerant, worry not as Medifast has different types of plans suitable for everyone. Dieters following Medifast can eat 5 meals along with a Lean and Green Meal which is mostly known as the Medifast 5 and 1 plan. This meal is inclusive of a lean protein such as fish, turkey or chicken with some condiments. These condiments are not too large in quantity and include tomato ketchup, ranch dressing and more. In addition, you can choose a side dish of your choice. Some of the options for side dishes include cooked or raw vegetables, salad and more.

The diet encourages its users to eat meals every three hours to keep the metabolism going and avoid those sudden hunger pangs. When you feel hungry, you mostly end up eating unhealthy foods which is hard to resist and hence it can be avoided through this program. Towards the initial stage of the diet plan, some of the foods with high carbs like carrots and corn are removed. This helps to achieve weight loss effectively. Many people have achieved best of results with Medifast diet program. As per medical research, Medifast is one of the safest diets and helps people lose weight rapidly. All you need to do is reduce the amount of calories consumed daily.

Why choose Medifast?

Medifast diet program was developed by none other than a doctor and hence has become famous in the medical industry. As a result, more than 20,000 doctors recommend this diet program for their patients.

  • The nutrition bars and shakes contain lesser calories than what you would normally consume. Therefore, there is a benefit of losing weight rapidly. Once you achieve your weight loss results, you will certainly get motivated to make smart and healthy choices when visiting the grocery stores.
  • Medifast gives high importance to low caloric meal instead of vitamin enriched foods. These foods are delivered every month along with program enrollment. You are only ingesting half of the calories when you begin this diet program. This makes you notice the weight loss results within a short span of time. When it comes to weight loss, Medifast scores higher when it comes to quick weight loss. However, maintaining the program in the long run is a bit challenging.
  • Medifast delivers the food kit for 30 days and it consists of several bars, snacks and shakes. The snacks and meals are enriched with nutrients and hence your body will get all the required vitamins to keep you healthy and going without adding in too many calories.
Medifast Achieve Plan- This is a popular plan which includes 4 meals daily in addition to 2 lean and green meals. It basically contains lean proteins and vegetables from the grocery store and a snack. It also encourages dieters to eat more of smaller meals instead of traditional 3 full meals. Few days after following the diet, your body will go into a fat burning condition which helps in achieving weight loss. The best part is that there is no muscle loss. The meals are prepared with low fat protein and fiber to help you feel full through the day.

Once you achieve your weight loss mission through Medifast, you will feel slimmer and at the same time fitter and energetic too. The diet plan helps you achieve weight loss quickly and thereafter helps in weaning off the prepared meals so as to encourage dieters to cook healthy meals. Although it may be a bit higher in terms of cost, but you will eventually shift to preparing your own meals to maintain your weight.

Medifast Cost

Medifast is priced at $12 per day at the beginning and once you achieve your weight loss target and shift to maintenance phase, the cost tends to reduce. You can then buy fresh foods from groceries and prepare your own meals which work out a lot more economical. There is no shortcut to weight loss and healthy foods.

Comparison between Medifast and Nutrisystem

Both Nutrisystem and Medifast provide dietary meals for weight loss with a combo of fresh foods along with packaged foods. However, Medifast helps users achieve weight loss more rapidly when compared to Nutrisystem as it offers lower caloric foods in the program. Nutrisystem aids in weight loss and also encourages users to develop good and healthy eating habits as the meals contain more of fresh foods. It is important to seek advice of your doctor before starting any diet program to figure out if it’s suitable for your body.

Overview on Nutrisystem and Medifast Plans

Medifast offers a Five and One Plan which is inclusive of 5 packages meals along with
Lean and Green Meal which you have to cook. It contains around 900 calories and it claims that you can lose between 2 to 5 pounds within a week. As far as Nutrisystem is concerned, the meals are delivered every week along with snacks and the same needs to be supplemented with fresh foods. Nutrisystem offers plans such as basic, core and uniquely yours. It can be chosen based on your body requirements. The diet program helps users lose around 1 to 2 pounds on a weekly basis.


There are 5 meals that can be chosen daily when you choose Medifast diet program. Some of the options include scrambled eggs, pretzels, soups, brownies, and oatmeal. Nutrisystem on the other hand also offers meals that vary and users can choose from 150 meal options and snacks. You can either choose the preselected meals or customize it based on the diet plan you choose. Both Nutrisystem and Medifast need to buy other foods besides what is provided in the diet program.

Choose your diet program

Both Nutrisystem and Medifast provide diet plans suitable for men, women, diabetics, senior adults as well as vegetarians. Medifast may be an ideal choice but if you are suffering from health issues related to your body weight, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before switching to it. If there is not much concern with regards to your weight, Nutrisystem can be the most appropriate option as it offers weight loss at a gradual pace in a healthy manner. Also, you will understand the importance of weight management and keep a tab on your weight for life.


Medifast and Nutrisystem are quite similar as they focus on portion control and low calorie foods. Both plans offer meals and snacks that are prepackaged. If you are not sure which program to choose, you can go through the meal options and user reviews to determine which one suits you the best.