Nutrisystem Turbo 13 is a diet plan that is specially designed to accelerate your weight loss process. The Turbo 13 plan assures 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the very first month of following this plan. When compared to other programs in the market, this plan seems to offer a higher weight loss result in the first month. Nutrisystem advises its dieters not to mix the meals of the first week with other meals that you would receive for the whole month. Nutrisystem calls it as Turbo Takeoff kit which includes:
  • Specially chosen 7 breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • 7 TurboShakes for women or 7 NutriPro shakes designed for men 
  • 7 NutriCurb bars to curb the hunger pangs that emanate in between meals
  • 7 new TurboBoosters that can be added to your shakes for consumption which increase your metabolism and energy
  • A well designed daily tracker to improve your results

After completing the first week with Turbo Takeoff kit, the dieters will have to move to regular Nutrisystem meals using the daily tracker for the subsequent weeks in the month. 

 7 Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

The Turbo 13 plan delivers 7 scrumptious breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the first week. Nutrisystem asks its dieters to store the Turbo Takeoff kit separately as the meals delivered in this kit are different from the regular Nutrisystem meals. The meals cover all the essential needs of the dieters in the first week and help them achieve maximum weight loss. 

7 Chocolate TurboShakes for women and 7 NutriPro Shakes for men

The shakes are enriched with protein and probiotics to enhance your digestive health and prevent your belly from bloating. They serve as perfect replacement for regular creamy milkshakes that you prepare at home. The probiotics are live bacterium that helps in proper digestion and promotes gut health. 

7 NutriCurb Bars

The NutriCurb bars are combination of pulverized peanuts, rice and chocolate which altogether feel crunchy. These bars are drizzled over with peanut butter and added with sea salt overall tasting yummy. The bar has 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber which are ideal to consume in between meals to keep off the hunger pangs. 

7 TurboBoosters

The TurboBoosters are available in powder form packed in sachets which can be added to your daily shakes from Nutrisystem. These boosters are designed to boost your rate of metabolism and energy levels.

Therefore, in the Turbo Takeoff week you will be eating  specially chosen meals, tasty shakes and bars that work together to accelerate your weight loss in the first month. However, Nutrisystem recommends adding at least 4 servings of vegetables that do not contain starch and also 64 ounces of water in the first week. In the subsequent weeks, you will be including PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and extras like salad dressings. When dieters start with Turbo Takeoff week, it may not be easy to follow as you will have to make changes in your lifestyle. However, with the help of Daily Tracker the dieters can freely track their progress through the Numi app which makes the tracking of all your metabolic activities easy. The dieters get access to online diet counseling where they receive all kinds of tips related to the plan and motivation.

The next step to Turbo Takeoff kit

The dieters will have to shift to regular plans of Nutrisystem once they complete the first week and Turbo Takeoff week. This is because the meals that were delivered in the Turbo Takeoff kit were specially made to offer you a quick weight loss. With the regular Nutrisystem meals, you will be losing weight at a constant rate.  

When you follow the regular Nutrisystem meals after transition from Turbo Takeoff plan, you will have to add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into the daily diet to sustain the weight loss. This will keep you full and also help you lose weight. Nutrisystem recommends adding minimum 4 servings of non starchy vegetables to the daily diet. 

Secondly, the program asks you to include Smartcarbs to the diet that digest slowly without causing any sugar spikes. Foods like whole grains, pasta and cereals, fruits and vegetables like peas, sweet potatoes and corn digest slowly into the blood and they are low glycemic foods. Studies also reveal that eating low glycemic foods quickens the weight loss process. 

Thirdly, the program asks you to add PowerFuels which include lean protein choices and healthy fats that help in losing weight in a safe manner. The TurboShakes from Nutrisystem is considered as a PowerFuel and the NutriPro shakes for men are considered as one PowerFuel and one SmartCarb. Along with these healthy choices, the dieters are given freedom to have one flex meal per week. You can either choose to dine outside or cook your own meal at home. The flex meal can be either breakfast or lunch or dinner. Nutrisystem provides you with eating out guides and cookbooks that help you eat healthy meals. You will also continue to eat four servings of fresh groceries along with SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. The program allows you to have 3 servings of extras each day and they are mostly to increase the flavor of the meals like mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. The grocery guide will help you select the right servings so that you do not eat more.

Get ready to experience the new dimension of weight loss with Turbo 13!