As one of the most successful on-campus events hosted by the Husky Environmental Action Team (HEAT)Trash2Treasure was initiated in 2009 in hopes of providing a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly donation service to students each semester during move out. Unwanted items donated to T2T by students include clothing, electronics, kitchenware, and other dorm necessities. In the fall, our Trash2Treasure sale during Welcome Week provides students with great low-cost reused merchandise. 

Why this model? Why not just donate everything you collect if you're trying to do good?

Trash2Treasure is aiming to challenge students' idea of what trash is and what it means to them. Managing garbage and recycling on campus is a huge undertaking that everyone should be responsible for. Things just don't disappear when they're thrown in a bin; this allows those items to be dealt with in a way that adds value to materials and resources. 

 Benefits of our program:
  • reducing the high volume of unsightly waste in trash rooms at a busy time when regular staff is unable to take care of everything
  • providing a reliable and convenient service to students during a busy time in their semester
  • provides educational experiences for students to better understand the planning logistics of waste management
  • reduces costs for university in trash removal
  • provides low-cost items on campus for students who come to Northeastern with nothing
  • saves items from losing value by degrading in a landfill for no reason
  • saves new items from being made 

Please note that in the past, 100% of T2T proceeds went directly to a local charity, Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE). New to 2012, a portion of the profits will be also be allocated to NU student groups in exchange for hours volunteered with T2T to ensure the programs success. 

Photo by Carolina Prieto


HEAT is a student organization working towards environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality at Northeastern University.

The event would not be made possible without our gracious partners and donors:

  • Facilities partners with T2T to ensure all logistics of the program run smoothly.
  • Door to Door provides storage and moving services, including summer storage for college students.