Trash2Treasure (trăsh /ˈtu/ [trezh-er]):
  1. Northeastern University student move-out diversion initiative sponsored by HEAT to reduce needless waste as well as educate students about sustainability
  2. The collection of gently used items from students at the end of each Spring semester
  3. Tag sale during Welcome Week where students can find all college necessities for wicked cheap

2014 Sorting in West C Classroom 

T2T is a waste reduction program at Northeastern University that collects unwanted (but still usable!) items from students during spring move-out.

T2T sells items back to the Northeastern community for next to nothing prices during a Welcome Week Sale. Profits are distributed to those in the community who help make Trash2Treasure possible, including: Alternatives for Community and Environment and NU student organizations. Anything not sold is donated locally or properly recycled. 

reduces waste, reuses items, and recycles what isn't sold.