Nutonen Supplement Review - A Blood Sugar Supplement

Nutonen is the supplement which has a high proportion of Banaba leaf that is very helpful in controlling glucose levels. It is developed by Simple Promise, has the signature of model, GlucoHelp formulation which is consisted in the real glucose managing complement. Mainly, the formulation that has the leaf botanicals of Banaba assist in monitoring and stabilising of sugar levels in bloodstream without the implementation of the harsh chemicals. 

Following will be detailed discussion of the product, its company, its benefits, ingredients, money back guarantee and brief conclusion to summarise the final verdict.

What is Nutonen?

Nutonen is the pure complement for the glucose management presented by Simple Promise. It aims for maintaining the sugar levels in bloodstream properly and in a healthy manner. These days, it is very much obvious and crucial to have healthy sugar levels in the blood which definitely requires certain diet  as well as the usage of medication.

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Due to the natural property of the Banaba extracts of supporting and promoting healthy sugar levels in the bloodstream, it has been greatly preferred by the conventional medicines. Simple Promise developed this product, Nutonen for its consumers to let them reap the benefits of Banaba leaf extracts.

About the Company 

As a consumer is presented with a wide array of choices, there is great difficulty in selection of right product. So, Simple Promise presented its philosophy to answer the questions that are right to answer and help its customers. The products must go through 7 tests for selection.

Firstly, every active ingredient that is used in the supplement is matched to the Gold Standard with the scientific evidence which confirms for the placebo controlled and multiple double blind clinical studies conducted on humans. 

The tests are conducted on bigger sample size of the people and testifying on humans is better rather than the  animals as medicines that are tested and work on animals might not work on humans.

Secondly, The evidence given to the consumer is not anecdotal and  not controlled and directly the resultant of that ingredient which are the success stories from random people. Every ingredient is acknowledged by the scientific community. 

Thirdly, equivalent ingredient or identical ingredient is put into formulation when there is double bind on any research.

Fourthly, The dosage of the active ingredient in the supplement is the same as the clinical dose in the studies as no compromise on quality for cost effectiveness. The supplements are manufactured at the cGMP certification to meet the FDA standards. Every manufacturer is audited for good quality.

Fifth, the third party lab assurance is done to offer the consumers as what is promised on the label.

Sixth, third party is used for supplements formulation for avoiding any bias results.

Lastly, the product is checked for safety in accordance to recent scientific literature  for ensuring manufacturing and ingredients are safe for its consumers.


The proprietary ingredient for Nutonen that was developed by the Simple Promise is GlucoHelp. The blend mainly comprises of the extracts of Banaba leaf. It is highly known for its other substances too.

Reginin A


Corosolic Acid 


Flosin B

Simple Promise used its special connections for sourcing the exactly same corosolic acid that was used in the studies. It contains 18% corosolic acid according to the standards.


You must be happy to hear that the supplement is clinically proven. Great trend has been noticed in consumer buying behaviour that the supplement which they purchased must be researched originally and supported with the sound research as savvy consumers are not preferring generic research.

High sugar levels in the blood has turned to be a common issue and more dangerous because of being silent for longer time and not obvious instantly, so it is mandatory for people to monitor their sugar levels for staying healthy. This supplement helps the consumer to remain informed about their sugar levels and maintaining or retaining healthy lifestyle. Some of nutraceutical ingredients are targeted for controlling the blood sugar as proved by the medical studies.

It is highly effective as it does not take 4-48 weeks instead it shows its results within one week within resulting in hypoglycemia because of the high concentration of corosolic acid present in Nutonen. Studies shown great decline in blood glucose after meals and fasting. 

Moreover, it adjust according to the needs of customers. The people who were having higher glucose levels in fasting had the maximum decreases.

The supplement is surely safe as the Banaba extracts have a safe record as well as the clinical trials conducted show no side effects when the corosolic acid was used.

In addition, the counts in blood cells, blood pressure, haemoglobin or any function of the kidney or liver changed. Polyphagia, thirst and drowsiness may also reduced with its usage.


Unlike other supplements, this supplement is bit expensive but it will prove itself to be worth it. The supplement is available for $49.95 for the supply of 30 days as the ingredients proved are also expensive.

As the supplement is preferred to be used for many months, it is available for $119.95 only that gives it customers discount of $119.95.

Whereas, consumers who are really committed for lowering it or staying at their  desired weight, they can get the supplement for $199.95 that will give discount of $339.75.

The nursing mothers, pregnant or any one with medical history must not take the product. Diabetic patients must consult doctors first.

For any queries or return, the customer must contact the representative first. The dosage of the supplement must not exceed the recommended dosage.

Money Back Guarantee 

Still, you should be happy that the product can be used and claim for guarantee even if you get back with an empty bottle. It claims for money back guarantee till 365 days. All it needs is customers satisfaction. They claim to be so sure of the effectiveness of their product that they even return if the bottle is emptied after use as the result can be noticed after or within a week.

Final Verdict 

The supplement is safe, clinically tested and with effective ingredients for maintaining blood sugar levels, overall good health and maintained blood sugar during fasting despite being expensive and need to be taken in recommended dosage not more than 2 gel capsules per day. So consumers can think to buy it as the money back guarantee also favors its consumers.

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