Nute High School and Library
22 Elm Street, Milton NH 03851
fax: 603-652-4793 

Nute Library is one of the few combination 
school/public libraries operating in the 
state of New Hampshire. Staying true to 
the spirit of Mr. Nute’s gift, this facility was 
built to serve the needs of both the students 
of Nute High School and the community. The library 
is open to both the student body and the 
public during all operating hours.

Nute High School Librarian, Helen Brock
Nute Public Librarian, Chris Cormier 

Nute Library 
22 Elm Street Milton, NH 03851 
phone: 652-7829

                Storytime - Saturday December 10, 2016 9:30-10:30 am  
Click here to check out our online Catalog!

Did you know that you can 
renew or place a hold on books 
by logging into our online catalog? 
Just type in your 
library card number and your pin.

Don't have a pin? 
Ask the librarian for 
one next time you come in.

Services provided at the library include:
Public computers
Free  Wi-Fi
Copy machine @  $ .10  per page
Fax services @ $1.00 per page

One Thousand Books before Kindergarten:
The single most important thing 
you can do to prepare 
your children to read is to read to them
 every day. Research proves that 
children need to hear 1000 books before they begin to 
learn to read independently. Reading to 
children will increase their vocabulary and their 
listening and narrative skills. Reading with children 
will also help to instill in them self-awareness, 
confidence and an understanding 
of their place in the world.

HOW CAN I READ 1000 BOOKS?  It’s easy!  
One book a day for three years  = 1000  

Three books a day for one year  = 1000

Ten books a week for two years = 1000

WHAT COUNTS?  Everything! Every book you 
read counts every time you read it! Books your 
child hears in story time count.
 Books that others read to your
 child count. It all counts!

WHERE CAN I SIGN UP? Sign up at the 
Milton Free Public Library in Milton Mills.
 They give you sheets to help you 
keep count of the first 100 books. 
When you finish reading 100 books, return to the 
library for another set of sheets. 
They will celebrate all who finish 
reading 1000 books with a special event.
WHEN: Register anytime when 
your child is between birth and five years old. 
It’s one of the best gifts you will ever 
give your child…and yourself!