Our expertise is Functional Safety by Design (Machine and Process)

Nutcracker Safety is providing brand independent functional safety training and consultancy services for the process, recourses and manufacturing industries across Australia and New Zealand.
Nutcracker Safety is providing these services together with FSE Global Australia. (See contact details)

Facilitating Hazard Identification Studies and Risk Assessments

Our capabilities include facilitating the collective process of identifying and prioritising Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental hazards.

A HAZID, as does a Risk Assessment, has to take place in the early stages of design to be able to eliminate or significantly reduce the identified risks and therefore have a positive effect on the cost and efficiency of a project.

The process will include all foreseeable operating modes and machine/process life cycles, and involves knowledgeable people from all disciplines.

Safety Requirement Specifications

The results of a HAZID or Risk Assessment will initiate a process of implementing Independent Protection Layers (IPL), reducing the level of risk by Elimination, Substitution and Isolation. The remaining level of risk will determine the Safety Integrity Level (SIL)requirements for the engineered controls.

In Machine Safety applications, these levels are often referred to as Categories or recently Performance Levels to EN 13849.

The advantage of the Performance Level approach are safety design solutions based on the actual quality of components and implementation techniques, using data on Diagnostic Coverage, Mean Time to Dangerous Failures and reduction of Common Cause Factors per safety sub-system. This will lead to a higher reliability of safety control functions and a reduction of undetected failures.

Verification and Validation Services

Proper documented Risk Assessment and Safety Requirement Specifications are required to even begin to perform a Verification of the Safety Control System design before the Validation of correct implementation, usually performed during or before the actual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Consultancy Services:
Plant and Risk     Assessments,
HAZID and HAZOP Studies,
Guarding Audits,
Machine Compliance Audits,
Determining required SIL and PL levels,
Creating Safety Requirement Specifications,
Verification and Validation Services,
Providing Risk Management solutions,
Essential Health and Safety for CE-Marking.

Training Services: 
(On-site, Tailored and Application specific)
The new Work Health and Safety Act,
The interpretation of AS4024,
Transition into EN 13849 (Sistema),
Design of Safety Control Systems,
Safety By Design,
European Machine Directives 2006/42/EC.