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Winter Q 2010: NUMG (Microgravity Team) formed.
Spring 2011: NUMG flies successful payload.
Winter 2012: NUSTARS (Rocketry Team) formed, combined with NUMG.
Fall 2012: Satellite Team formed.
Spring 2013: Rocketry Team flies high-powered rocket with payload.

NUSTARS traces its roots back to NUMG, the Northwestern University Microgravity Group, founded in Spring 2010 by undergraduates Ethan Coffel, Jennifer Mills, and Katie Jaycox. After successfully flying a payload in the 2011 Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program, the group remained dormant for a year. 
In Winter 2012, NUSTARS was founded by a team headed by Dan Abramov with the intention of participating in the University Student Launch Initiative. The two teams were combined very soon after, under the NUSTARS umbrella, and submitted proposals for the 2012/2013 program cycle. In addition, the Satellite Team was formed to begin work on a proposal for the Small Spacecraft Technology Partnership program.