BLSA Buddy Program

This program targets BLSA 1Ls. Each first-year student is paired with a second or third-year law student, who becomes a mentor. The intent is for the upperclassman to provide advice and mentoring to the first-year student, in order to make the transition into law school less stressful. The upper-class students give advice about the law school experience and help the 1Ls navigate through their first year, as well as their legal career. In order to strengthen the mentor relationship, BLSA hosts several social events throughout the year.

BLSA Week 

This is our marquee program of the academic year.  BLSA hosts a series of panels and discussions that address issues affecting law students. These conversations extend well beyond the actual week in February, and are intended to bring the entire Northwestern University community and local legal community together.

Admitted Students Weekend

Admitted Students Weekend is a time for current Northwestern Law students to share their experiences with admitted students of color. The event coincides with the Law School 's Day at Northwestern programming, and is filled with informal question and answer discussions and social events to acclimate the admitted students to life at Northwestern Law.

Black Alumni Legacy Celebration

Black Alumni Legacy Celebration is an annual event in which BLSA celebrates the achievements of Northwestern Law Alums and third-year students. Each year, BLSA awards a Legacy Award to the alum and third-year who has had the greatest impact in the legal profession and Northwestern Law community.