Cost of living in Lombok

Most items increase the price of 20-30% every 12 months.
 Food and Drinks

Coconut on the beach 5000

Beach parking 2000

Nasi Goreng 8000 (street stall) average 15.000

Restaurant average 30.000/70.000 per person                                                                                                          
10 Pieces of Satay sticks (Chicken or Goat) 15.000/20.000

Banana 10.000 per kilo

Mango 5000 per kilo (season)

Bread 12.000 pack of flat american type

One liter of milk 14.000

Pizza 45.000 not from food chain (better)

Large Bintang/Anker Beers 22.000 shop, 25.000-35.000 bar

          Accomodations and Expenses

Dormitory low season 1 star 50.000 per day

Bungalow (home stay) low season 2 stars 100.000 per day with bathroom

Bungalow low season 3 stars 350.000

Bungalow low season 4 stars 600.000

Bungalow low season 5 stars 2.000.000

House rental near beach, furnished, 150 sq meters, 4.500.000 per month; electricity 50.000/70.000 (low consum.)  per month, trash men (20-30.000/month), water and cooking gas not included

House rental local 1.000.000 per month; expenses as above.
PLEASE NOTE that you might experience: power and water cut, EXTENSIVE noises, sewage blockage, no air circulation, falling wall paint, animals and insects invasions, no tv signal, lack of parking, floods, water leaks during rains, invasive kids, beggars and street sellers(opening gate, door and coming in), etc. Check carefully before paying. If the house DO NOT has a water reservoir, you can ask a discount of 200.000/300.000 per month for the hassles.
Because the concepts of time off during the week-end and public nuisance is not in use as commonly is known by foreigners, make sure not to have companies, storages, shops, bars, construction sites or any other activities around your house; de facto individuals and companies can legally operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

1 Big water tank 8000 local water Narmada ,15.000 national Aqua

1 Green gas bottle 3 liters 18.000

1 Blue gas bottle 15 liters 90.000
2 Cigarettes 1000 
Laundry 5.000 per kilo
Internet 3000 per hour
Hair cut 35.000
Beach massage 60.000
Full-time Maid Rp 300-500.000 per month giving also room and food. Once a week Rp. 50.000/2-4 hours.
Other services like gardener or baby sitting aprox.60.000/75.000 per day.
Renewal VISA ON ARRIVAL 250.000
Setting a company in Indonesia:  minimum capital investment required 500,000,000.

Transport and Rentals

Car rental with driver 300-400.000 per day included gasoline and food for the driver
Sepeda Scooter Motor rental 50.000 per day, 40.000/day weekly rent,  no petrol and no insurance (Ask and check to receive the Motor Bike document and a paper telling the rent cost per day/week/month signed by the owner)Also check if bike paint is damaged. Rental by month 500.000.
Remember that bikes do not have insurances, bikers do not have neither driver licence nor training.
Car drivers have driver licences but many, do not have training!
Taxi ride start from 6000, 1 hour ride aprox. 60.000 (Blue Bird Company or Airport Taxi) (Aprox. 1000 IDR/Minute) All day 350.000.
Bemo (minivan) 3000

Ojek (moto with driver) aprox 30.000 per 30 minutes ride
Cidomo (horse cart) 10.000/3-4 Kilometers almost like a taxi, but a lot of fun!

Street traffic and parking guy tip 1000

Gasoline 4500/liter

Gasoline from the street sellers 5000/liter
Snorkeling gears 15.000-50.000 per day
Diving gears 250.000/350.000 per day
Surfing board with guide in Kuta Beach, Lombok 300.000 per day
Short 40.000, long board 50.000/day.
Bus to BIL (LOP) airport 25.000 (Damri Bus)

Bus Senggigi, Lombok to Ubud 150.000-200.000 (Perama Bus)

Air ticket one way to Jakarta 500.000-1.000.000 (Lion Air)

 Visits and Shopping
Sarung 50.000 beach, 70.000 shop
Flip flap 25.000
T-shirt 350.000
Sport shoes 80.000
Pants 90.000
Batik shirt 60.000
Trekking to Rinjani Volcano National Park about 2.500.000 per person (3 nights)
Visit to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls (Near Senaru Village, North of Lombok) 70.000-100.000/each
Bangsal (port to Gili Trawangan) parking daytime 15000/car
Visit to Museum Negeri Mataram, 15.000; plus guide more 15.000 (almost compulsory)

Visit to Hindus Puras leave 5000-15.000 to help the locals, a yellow belt will be given to enter the temples