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                        THE FLORENCE DOLL

       “founder of modern nursing”

The International Conference of Nurses (ICN), History of Nursing Branch was held in Vancouver, BC in 1994 with lectures and Display Booths in the lecture hall and auditorium of St. Paul’s hospital, compliments of St. Paul’s hospital. Part of the Opening Ceremony was a slide/tape presentation of the Sisters of Charity and their involvement in the founding of St. Paul’s hospital and its history. The display booths represented various countries from Europe and Asia.  Members representing the UK sold this authentic Florence Nightingale doll for $210.00, plus tax.

 In the Florence Nightingale museum in London, England, much of her clothing, books, letters and other artifacts including her lamp are located at the popular museum on Lambeth Palace Road. The Sculptor, British-born Terry Karselis, used the museum collection to design the clothes and also the museum’s bronze bust of Miss Nightingale to create the classic head for the doll. The clothing is based on a painting of her as well as on actual dresses and shoes worn, that are on display in the museum.

 The doll is 18 inches tall and dressed in the hand-tailored outfit. Her coat and shirt are fine tan worsted wool, trimmed with brown piping ribbon. The jacket is closed with seven brown glass buttons and has three buttons on each shoulder as epaulettes. She wears a pin at the top of her jacket.

 Her cotton chemise and petticoat are trimmed in fine lace. Her cap is fashioned with the same lace pattern, with rosettes at the ears. She wears painted black shoes, patterned from the originals. Her hose are traditional black sheer.

 The lamp, or lantern, that she carries in her left hand is based on the original at the museum. The head, chest, arms, hands, legs and shoes are made of fine bisque porcelain, kiln-fired and painted by hand. As with dolls of this quality, the body is cloth.

 This Florence Nightingale Doll carries a certificate of authenticity bearing the number of the doll.

 All money raised from the sale of these dolls went toward scholarships and awards for nurses in the UK.

 Author Gloria Stephens was Nurse Clinician at St. Paul’s hospital (SPH) and co-chairman of the Planning Committee for this ICN conference at the SPH site. She prepared and developed the slide/tape presentation used at the Opening Ceremony. Gloria is the proud owner of this Florence Nightingale doll.

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Nursing History Nova Scotia Display Booth at  AGM 
 College of Registered Nurses NS
May 2012

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