Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance has  been set up and may be seen on this website under the title
 Book of Remembrance.
 Allan Tobacca, chair of Profiles and Obituaries, welcomes your input.













Nursing History

 Nova Scotia

Dear Nursing Colleagues:

My name is Allan Tobacca and I currently work as a clinical nursing instructor at Dalhousie University Nursing School. I am also a member of Nursing History Nova Scotia which was formed in 2007. One of our objectives is to locate, record, preserve memorablia relating to the history of nursing in Nova Scotia. We also feel it is important to honor those registered nurses who have died and enter their names in a data base which will be called Nursing History Nova Scotia Book of Remembrance. If you would like to submit the name of a former nurse who has died I would ask that you include the following information: maiden and married name (if applicable), year of graduation from nursing school and death date, and also a brief overview of their nursing career. There is no fee involved for this service. For those of you who might wish to join our group the annual dues are $15.00 and I would be pleased to provide you with additional information. Submissions for the Book of Remembrance may be made to:

Thank you
Allan Tobacca RN

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