SL Shopping Directory

A compilations of stores in SL



Shopping Directory #2 is now available. This is going to be a quarterly publication. You can pick your copy up at:


You can click & wear and it will appear in the middle of your screen in the HUD. Or you can Rez it in world and leave it out as a coffee table book so anyone can flip through it. The directory is Copy/Transfer enabled so pass it out to all your friends.

The directory is arranged in the manner that the first 13 ads are 2 page ads (they pay for the production costs). Following those are sections of the one page ads in alphabetical order of the shop name. Yes, I know a select few of the ads aren’t great works of art, but I present what the content creator submitted. Only shops that sent me ads were included. So if you really miss your favorite designer encourage them to submit to the next one


Directory Kiosks now available! Put them up in your shops!

I’ve finally found a system that works in which I can give away the vendors. I couldn’t decide on a style of vendor to look good in every shop since the directory is trying to be all enclusive of anyone wanting to participate. So I’m offering all the styles or you can make your own, pass it to me, and I’ll add the scripts. These are designed to be low lag. They only check the servers for updates every 2 hours. WARNING: It may not work correctly for the first 2 hours while it gets synced with the server. These are no-mod/yes-copy/yes-transfer.

Your choices are:

  • Futuristic - 5 prims
  • Pop - 5 prims
  • Modern - 9 prims & I can add YOUR logo to it (this one NOT available on SL boutique because the vendors become NO MODIFY after the first edit so if I put it up on SL Boutique you’d be stuck with the “YOUR LOGO HERE” words on top.) image
  • Persian - 9 prims
  • Simple - 1 prim (you can build your own stand for it to match your decor)
  • Steampunk - 7 prims

Issue #3

Ads NOW being taken for the next Directory.

Deadline is Nov. 10th.

Size is going to be 1:1 ratio again. (512×512 pixel or 256×256 pixel). This is the easiest to talk through new designers to deal with SL’s uploading oddities. The image you send me is the only thing that will appear on the page.

The Directory is limited to 1000 pages.

  • 1 page ad…………………Free
  • 2 page ad…………………L$100 (limited # available, IM me first; the order is determined by when I receive the 2 page ad)

The first and second 2 page ads will be awarded to the person with the kiosk that gives away the most Directories.

Please include the ad image in a notecard and name it “Fashion Directory #3 - Your name”. The image must be full permissions in order for me to copy the book and give it away.  I also have to be able to rename the texture in order to put the book into correct order. Please include all of the following inside the notecard as I will not be assembling this one as quickly as the last:

  1. The Ad image with full permissions. (no gore or sexual act depictions or your ad will be tossed out)
  2. A landmark to your shop
  3. Category to place the image under: Skins/Shapes, Womens, Mens, Hair, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Poses, Home
  4. Your avatar’s name

Design tips for your ad in the Fashion Directory.

  • Show your product. If it’s clothes, then show the clothes. Shape, show the shape; etc…. Yes, this has happened.
  • Have your shop name listed. Yes this has happened. More than once. I sent a few back until I got tired of doing that.
  • Have your shop location listed. This makes it easier to find your shop if search yields several results it lets you pick the correct one quickly.
  • Don’t have distracting busy backgrounds. If you do, you can white it out to calm it down, but don’t overdo it. It washes out the details.
  • Don’t use clashing colors. I tend to use the heraldry laws of colors as a guideline because that’s where my microscopic design background comes from. I know old laws, but they still great guidelines. No metal on metal, no colors on colors. Metal means gold & silver (or in this case yellow and white) generally should not be placed on top of each other. Likewise, black is a color and should be put on metal (white or yellow). Some bending occurs to the laws of heraldry yes (see the image above), but I really think about how it looks before I keep it. You’ll be amazed at how well it works.
  • Have your text readable. Pick a readable sans serif font. Use only 1 or 2 fonts if possible. Avoid script or type with lots of flourishes if possible or keep the use of it minimal.
  • Keep It Simple

Article: Bad Designs Hurt Sales Alaska creates the horrible design example of a vendor to illustrate the point and then shows you how to fix it. A few changes and you can have a great ad as well.

Need professional design help? IM me and I might can put you in touch with models/photo folks to help you tout your wares.