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(נורית דור (מרדכי


 Currently, I am Chief Scientist at Panaya. Previously I was a research staff member in the Software Asset Management Group at IBM Haifa Reserach Labs. I graduated from Computer Science Dept. at Tel-Aviv Univ. under the supervision of Mooly Sagiv .

I am a member of the ISSTA 2008 program committee. 

Research interests

My research interests are in techniques to improve software, make software more reliable and aid in maintaining, testing and understanding of software. More specifically, my work is focused in the field of program analysis, static and dynamic analysis, abstract interpretation, interprocedural dataflow analysis, error detection, slicing, and impact analysis.


 Shay Litvak




Contact Details



Panaya Inc.
14 Hacharoshet St.
Raanana 43657, Israel

Tel: + 972 9 746 7900
Fax: + 972 9 746 7901



My hobbie is polymer clay sculpture. I learn at Zoota.

A huge thank to Michael Ben-Zvi for years of professional and friendly support.