The incandescent baton of Maestro Nurhan Arman and the Orchestra of Teatro Olimpico in great form (headline)                                                    Eva Purelli IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA April 2009


Conductor makes magic (sub-headline)                 Mikolaus Frey FULDAER ZEITUNG November 2008


In the five movements shaped with perfecting care Nurhan Arman provided his standing ensemble with conducting gestures that were sharp-edged, soft, flowing and always playful. With a joyful sprint with the witty score he served Dvorák as a lighthearted, feel-good package. Agility, verve and temperament, full of feeling in the quieter lyrical sections pulsated this reading with life and made it clear that Sinfonia Toronto was an ensemble of world class.

Albrecht Schmidt RUSSELHEIMER ECHO November 2008



Conductor Nurhan Arman directed and guided his musicians through the idiosyncratic and challenging score with almost boundless energy. The interpretation we heard was the result of intensive rehearsals paying attention to inner details and it was sensitive, committed and well thought-out. 

                                                                        Peter Ernst WESTFALLEN BLATT November 2008



In the Suite for String Orchestra by Leos Janacek and in the Serenade for strings by Antonin Dvorak - there was ample momentum and passion, they were played with perfect string sonority and technique and were propelled forward by a spirited conductor.



Exciting! The Boccherini movements rang with lively and masterful use of dynamic shadings, convincing with precise and exciting homogeny.                                         ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG


A delicious performance of Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana began with Marco Betta's 'Letters from war and death' which was lovingly conducted by Nurhan Arman. It was followed by an excellent interpretation of Beethoven's First Symphony which thoroughly delighted the audience at the Villa Piccolo.                                                                                           IL GIORNALE DI SICILIA 


A fascinating and striking musical personality. He came impeccably prepared and knew just what he wished to achieve, and the orchestra played with zest and precision in ensemble and intonation.                                                                                                                         PRAVDA

He had everyone dancing on the end of his baton.                       KITCHENER-WATERLOO RECORD


Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor was performed in a new arrangement for string orchestra by Sinfonia's conductor Nurhan Arman, with Robert Silverman as seldom missed full orchestral colours in Arman's arrangement.                                                THE TORONTO STAR 


Arman was in his element here especially, coaxing perfectly balanced, delicately ironic sounds... Eyes twinkled and were on the verge of smiling at times as they moved from score to conductor. The musicians seemed alert to Arman's every move, not something that happens with many guest conductors.                                                                           KITCHENER-WATERLOO RECORD


Grieg’s Holberg Suite and Dvorak’s Serenade – both of which Arman led in an affectionate, unhurried manner, with an appreciation of their singing qualities.                                  THE TORONTO STAR


there is no better way to put an audience in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind than Conductor Nurhan Arman’s affable remarks introducing each selection                            THE TORONTO STAR

Nurhan Arman and his orchestra literally conquered us...                               LA SCENA MUSICALE


Arman coaxed pianissimos of remarkable beauty and precision from his string sections in the first Wagner Prelude and maintained balanced clarity in even the brassy fortissimos of the other Prelude.                                                                                 THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Toronto


A graceful conductor who kept one's attention consistently. Bravo!                   THE DENVER POST


Nurhan Arman conducted the Sinfonia Toronto with great flexibility and care. It was evident from his physical movements that the music was in his soul - at times it appeared as though he was going to dance.                                                                                   THE BARRIE ADVANCE


The Pilsen Radio Symphony was led in a spirited and nobly rounded performance by the conductor Nurhan Arman from Canada.                                                          BROADCAST REVIEW, Prague


It went like clockwork... Lusty and well-paced.                                           THE TORONTO STAR


Arman's touch was nimble and easy, so the music became a heavenly transport into joyous images of lightness and airiness... Arman's work was filled with integrity, grace and competency.

                                                                                                 BANGOR DAILY NEWS, USA

Nurhan Arman's artistic persona displays an expansive ability to communicate. Arman avoids outward exhibitionism. He leads the orchestra with commanding and classically controlled motions, but without coercion, so that the musicians give themselves wholeheartedly to him, and carry the audience along with them.                                                                     THE NATION, Armenia


The orchestra obviously hit it off with guest conductor Nurhan Arman, who drew from it...a round, rich sound with both power and delicacy... But the triumph came in Haydn's Symphony No. 44... Arman set a crackling pace that swept audience and musicians away in the storm and emotion of this wonderful symphony.                                                          THE STAR PHOENIX, Saskatoon


Arman brought out the pensive, almost melancholy Czech sound that one expects only from ensembles of Mitteleuropa. Arman gets into the meat of every piece and his rhythms are marvellous.                                                                                       EVENING TIMES-GLOBE 

Arman kept the attention level high and put music and energy through the roof. Arman is wild at times with his gestures, his curly hair jumping and waving as he bobs; at other times, he is as romantic and subtle as a ballet dancer.                                              THE NEWS JOURNAL, Ohio


A breath of fresh air... Displaying an animated and at times unorthodox podium style, Arman urged robust, cohesive ensemble work out of the DCO strings. There was energy and wit in the Britten, warmth and communicativeness in the Elgar.                             ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, Denver


Great verve and style.                                                                                THE MIAMI NEWS


Nurhan Arman led the orchestra ably through the program's three worlds-apart styles with ease, aplomb.                                                                                     THE NEWS LEADER, Missouri


A first-rate artist... In full command.                                             BOSTON MIRROR-SPECTATOR


Arman led the orchestra with a firm hand, cutting a dignified figure on the podium. Arman coaxed a rich, well-balanced sound from the orchestra.                                      THE NEWS JOURNAL, Ohio


An exceptional talent! ARAM KHACHATURIAN


Splendid insight and expressive ideas... ALAN HOVHANNES

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