The NURail Center will effectively communicate research results and educational materials using a variety of media and means to ensure the results are available and implementable by transportation practitioners and academicians. This includes:

1)     Publishing results in appropriate venues to reach government and industry practitioners, and academic audiences.

2)     Participating in non-rail professional conferences to facilitate transfer of knowledge to audiences less familiar with rail transportation and engineering.

3)     Working with federal, state, regional and city DOT rail offices and establishing successful relationships at all levels. This includes regular meetings each year, numerous informal discussions and meetings in the field, laboratory, and via telephone and internet, regarding a broad range of research needs.

4)     Engaging with USDOT Research Clusters. (

5)     Organizing a symposium to disseminate research results to industry practitioners and other academics. This symposium will also provide a forum to discuss research needs and identify possible collaborative efforts. It will be conducted midway through the project and be open to participation by industry, government, academics and other interested parties.

6)     Offering Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the NURail Center Research Symposium, and other online courses and workshops coordinated by the NURail Center enabling participants to keep up with ongoing professional certification requirements.