About Nums Bakery

Nums Bakery is the premier vegan bakery of Kirksville, Missouri.  We bake to order any of our delicious vegan and gluten free goodies just for you and your family.  You may ask yourself, what does ‘nums’ mean?  Nums is the word we invented to describe the wonderful sound one makes when devouring vegan baked goods.

Why Vegan?

A vegan diet is known to be the most beneficial for the human body.  Hormones, antibiotics, and cholesterol are part of any meat you buy in the grocery store, and when you examine the eating habits of most American you may notice bigger isn’t better.  However, being vegan doesn’t mean you don’t get to indulge.  Coconut, maple syrup, and chocolate, there’s a lot of sensuous ingredient that go into our treats.

Why Gluten-Free?

The gluten intolerance known as Celiac Disease has gone undiagnosed for many people today.  There are those that literally cannot digest the gluten component of wheat and other flours.  It’s hard to go without the warm comfort of a loaf of bread so we try to make it easy for the gluten-free folks to treat themselves.  Vegan and gluten-free, those are some of the most interesting goodies.

Order Baked Goods for the Morning

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