I am very much a ‘hobby’ programmer with limited experience but had a longstanding ambition to write my own chess program. It was a frustrating but very rewarding and fun challenge which finally resulted in...... Numpty, a weak but fully working chess engine!

Key features:
  • strength (against humans) - estimated between 1700 - 1900 elo (depending on hardware)
  • winboard 2 compatible supporting main options (including force/go, setboard, and time)
  • written in FreeBASIC (source code is available to hopefully help others!)
  • 10x12 array based board structure with pseudo legal move generation
  • alpha-beta search with iterative deepening and limited quiesence
  • simple evaluation including wood, game phase piece square tables and basic endgame knowledge
  • integrated hand tuned opening book - 2,000 positions (handles transpositions) 
Numpty Recharged 64bit  - (includes exe, source code, and read-me) 
Numpty Recharged 32bit - (includes exe, source code, and read-me + Numpty Uncharged.exe - non-optimised version) 

Numpty@NR - Nightrider chess variant  (includes exe and read-me) 
Logos - selection of Numpty logos for use in your favourite chess gui

If you have comments or questions or need support in using Numpty or any other material on this site, then please use the Numpty support page on twitter.
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