Logolept's Riddle 

Can you solve it? 

Welcome.  This is the homepage for my riddle.  To start you on your journey, I will give you a few rules that you must follow.  There aren't many, but nonetheless, here they are.

  • Do not ask for help from anyone on the internet.  If you want help, the only two people you may ask is yourself and ONE person around you.  I will make exceptions for those who do these riddles as a group.
  • Do not leave hints.  If you want to help someone, too bad.

I told you there weren't many.  Now for the hints.

  • There are two answers to the first level.  One will lead you to level two, the other is a special secret.
  •  You can use Google whenever you want, although I will NEVER tell you when.
  • There are no accent marks, spaces, or punctuation of any kind in the URLs you have to type.
  • You may or may not have to use the source... I'm not telling! :-) 

I gave you almost two times as many hints as I did rules, so you should be good to go.  Remember, NO CHEATING!

I will be keeping track of the winners who are smart enough to email me at the address listed on the final level.  They will be posted here