Number 4 in Flags

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The number of 6-pointed stars on the current Chicago city flag, which represent: Fort Dearborn (added in 1939), the Chicago Fire (8-10 October 1871), the world’s Columbian Exposition (1893) and the Century of Progress Exposition (1933, added in 1933).


The number of blue stars inside the rhombus (diamond shape) on the Arkansas state flag.


The top star shows that the state belongs to the Confederacy. The lower three stars represent the nations that have owned the land: France, Spain and the U.S. (or the 3rd state created from the Louisiana purchase.) Twenty-five smaller white stars along the border of the rhombus on the Arkansas state flag, representing the 25th state of the Union.


The “signature” number on the New Mexico state flag, showing a red sun on a yellow field with 4 groups of 4 parallel rays stretching out from it: the compass direction groups (North, East, South and West), the season group (spring, summer, fall and winter), the daytime group (sunrise, noon, evening and night) and the lifetime group (childhood, youth, middle years and old age).


The number of red stars, edged in white, representing the Southern Cross (or Crux) constellation on the national flag of New Zealand. Four main stars mark the tips of the cross: alpha, beta, gamma and delta, clockwise from bottom. A smaller star, epsilon, separates from the cross, between alpha and delta. [Flag]s of other 3 Southern hemisphere countries use all 5 stars in the Southern Cross: Australia, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.


The national flag of Aruba features a 4-pointed red star, outlined in white at the upper hoist-side corner.


The number of white stars arranged in diamond pattern that the center of the national flag of Federal States of Micronesia.


The number white stars placed vertically in a line between two points of the white crescent, centered in a green isosceles based on the hoist, extended on 4 equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), white, red and blue, of the national flag of Comoros. They represent 4 main islands of the archipelago: Mwali, Njazidja, Nzwani & Mayotte. 


The number of flags have flown over the state of Michigan: France, England, Spain and the U.S.