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The score of a free throw (foul shot) made in a basketball game.


In a basketball game, a shooting foul committed will be penalized by two free throws, or 3 free throws if it is from a 3-point shot, but getting possession of the ball or only one extra free throw if the opponent already scored the field goal while fouled.


In a basketball game, a foul committed before the ball in play will be penalized by one free throw.


The score of a “goal” made in a soccer game.


The score of a bogey made for a hole in a game of golf.


In golf, hole-in-one is relatively rare.


In tennis, ace or service ace is the score in one single shot by the server and his opponent’s racquet did not get in touch with the ball.


In a tiebreaker in a set of a tennis match, the first player to serve will have only one serve for the first point and after that they will take turns of serving next two points. The players switch sides of the court after six points are scored.


The score of an extra field goal after a touchdown in an American football game. A regular field goal scores 3 points.


A first year player/athletic of a team is called rookie.


The beginning scores to play down to exactly zero in a dartboard game tournament always end with 2 digits 01: 301, 501, 601, 801 and 1001… Higher scores are usually played by teams.


In a soccer game, a player is ejected after penalties of 1 red card or 2 yellow cards (equivalent to 1 red card).


The jersey number universally worn by starting goalkeeper in soccer.


Formula One, name of a popular car race.