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Number 17 in Math.    Number 17 


[Trivia]  Modernly, the 17th wedding anniversary is named furniture (or watch) anniversary.


[Biology]  The number of bones in a human spinal column: 12 thoracic vertebrae (upper back) and 5 lumbar vertebrae (lower back).


[Calendar]  The St. Patrick’s Day is on 17 March.


[Calendar]  The U.S. Citizenship Day is on 17 September.


[Chemistry]  The atomic number of Chlorine (Cl).


[Flag]  The number of white stars surround the letter “O” in white and red in the blue triangle on the Ohio state flag, representing the 17th state of the Union. They are separated into 2 groups of 13 stars (for the 13 original states of the Union) and 4 stars at the peak of the triangle.


[History]  The North 17th parallel (17o latitude line) divided North Vietnam and South Vietnam before 1975.


[History]  Ohio became the 17th state of the U.S. on 1 March 1803. (But the Congress did not voted on its resolution until 7 August 1953).


[History]  The 17th U.S. President: Andrew Johnson (Republican, North Carolina, 1865-1869). There was no Vice President.


[Language]  Prefixes: Septende-, Septendec-, Heptadeca-…


[Literature]  The number of syllables in “Haiku”, an ancient form of Japanese poetry is composed of three lines, with five syllables in the first, seven syllables in the second and five syllables in the third.


[Money]  The number of stars circling around the flying eagle on the U.S. one dollar coin (golden coin).


[Movie]  NC-17, one of 5 basic movie ratings: G (General Audiences), PG (Parental Guidance Suggested), PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned, for children under 13), R (Restricted, for children under 17) and NC-17 (No one 17 and Under Admitted).


[Movie]  Names of TV shows/series or movies: “Stalag 17” and “17 Again”.


[Phone]  The emergency telephone numbers dialing within Guadeloupe are 17 and 18


[Sport]  The isosceles triangle of sides 12-12-17 (inches) at the top of the home plate (whose shape is a non-regular pentagon) in baseball is not quite a right triangle as specified, since 122+122 = 288 < 172 = 289. Its largest angle is an obtuse angle of 90.2o.


[Sport]  The 1972 Miami Dolphins is still the only NFL team with a single perfect season at win/lose record 17-0.


[Sport]  The NFL (National Football League) season lasts 17 weeks (before playoffs and Super Bowl). Each team is scheduled to play 16 games, with one bye week for each team, which is scheduled in the first half of the season. That is the last possible bye week is week 9.


[Tech.]  Apollo 17 is the last Apollo spaceship of Moon landing to carry out geological studies and brought rock and soil back to the Earth, on 7-14 December 1972. Its commander, Eugene Cernan, is the last man to leave the moon.


[Tech.]  The number of digits in a complete barcode or UPC (Universal Product Code for North America) used for mass-marketed books: a 12-digit UPC (6-digit manufacturing code, 5-digit product code and 1 check digit) and a 5-digit bi-pad.


[Tech.]  The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of an automobile has 17 characters to encode information on: manufacturer, plant location, engine style, body style, model year (10th character) and restraint system, where the middle (9th) character of the number a1a9a17 is for the check digit:

a9 = 8a1+7a2+6a3+5a4+4a5+3a6+2a7+10a8+9a10+8a11+7a12+

+6a13+5a14+4a15+3a16+2a17, (modulo 11), after transliterating all letters into numerical values.


[Trivia]  The longer side (inches) of the U.S. standard paper size “Ledger/Tabloid” (17 in×11 in, 432 mm×279 mm)


[Trivia]  17 = XVII in Roman numerals; one of its character-permutations "VIXI" means "I lived" in Latin, which is common phrase in gravestones.


17 & 18

[History]   The 18th U.S. President: Ulysses Simpson Grant (Republican, Ohio, 1869-1877).

His Vice Presidents were: Schuyler Colfax (Indiana, 1869-1873), the 17th U.S. Vice President and Henry Wilson (Massachusetts, 1873-1875), the 18th U.S. Vice President.  There was no Vice President in the period 1875-1877.

The 17th U.S. President: Andrew Johnson (Republican, North Carolina, 1865-1869). There was no Vice President.