Numbers appear everywhere in many aspects of the everyday life: education, academic, social activities, sporting, entertainment, politics, geography, history, literature, languages, science, technology and engineering, let alone mathematics.


Over the years, books, journal articles and teachings, and now in the Internet age, many websites have been discussing quite a few fun, fantastic, recreational, amazing, magic, trivial, ridiculous, wonderful, exciting… facts of many, many numbers, as well as useless, meaningless, nonsense… properties of the numbers. But none of them, to our current knowledge, is aiming at very wide scopes of subjects or wide range of numbers.


Naturally, here comes this special collection, which has been developed with open-ended approach to the ultimate goal: Numeropedia, the Special Encyclopedia of Numbers.  Its efforts are trying to:

- Collect and list fun, recreational, amazing, fantastic, magic, trivial, ridiculous, wonderful, exciting and even useless, meaningless, nonsense… facts about as many numbers as possible, from 0 to billions and more of diverse properties.


- Add life factors into boring numerical facts in sciences and technology.  And, conversely, adding mathematical and scientific life facts into many aspects of real life.


- Observe any interesting connections between the appearances of numbers in various aspects of life.


Explore A Number A Day or more frequently with this Numeropedia,  to relaxingly enjoy yourselves on the path through the numbers.



- Overall:   The first stage of this continually developing project is just to lay out all the framework systematically and to simply state the facts. Nevertheless, this stage is a long-term project to work on hundreds of pages... Upon readers’ feedbacks or encouragements, we may be able to start the second stage at some appropriate point in parallel, when still developing the first stage. This second stage has its ambitious goal to add illustrations, explanations or in some case proofs for as many as possible facts listed in the earlier stage. 


- Categorization: Creating top 10 and/or top 100 lists of the best facts for categories.


- Globalization: More World facts, or facts from many other countries all over the world.


- Illustrations & Demonstrations: For better enjoyable appreciations of the  Numbers!


- Translation to Other Languages:

French - Russian - German - Chinese - Spanish - Vietnamese.


More pages and numbers will be fulfilled gradually. If your favorite numbers are not here yet,  please contact us: numberpedia@gmail.com.


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Thank you all and everyone who encouraged, advised or simply enjoyed our pages...

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