Numerical approaches to the holographic principle, quantum gravity and cosmology

In this workshop, we bring together lattice, nuclear and string theorists, and discuss the numerical approaches to string theory, quantum gravity and cosmology.

This workshop will be held right after the annual LATTICE conference, which will be held in Kobe from July 14 to July 18. We encourage participants of LATTICE conference to join our workshop, so that we can connect different communities to form a new, exciting research field. From Kobe station to Kyoto University, it takes less than two hours and about 10 dollars by local trains. We have a budget for supporting the local expenses of limited number of participants.

July 21 -- 24, 2015

Room K206, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


We will have sixteen presentations, each consisting of an hour talk and fifteen minute discussion.

Dio Anninos (Institute for Advanced Study) 
David Berenstein (University of California, Santa Barbara/University of Cambridge)
Simon Catterall (Syracuse University)
Kenji Fukushima (University of Tokyo)
Goro Ishiki (Tsukuba University)
Igor Klebanov (Princeton University)
Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto University)
Leopoldo Pando Zayas (University of Michigan/ICTP Trieste)
Enrico Rinaldi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  
Masaru Shibata (Kyoto University)
Shinji Shimasaki (KEK)
Kostas Skenderis (University of Southampton)
Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu University)
Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto University)
Asato Tsuchiya (Shizuoka University)
Toby Wiseman (Imperial College)

Program and Slides

Registered participants

Hotel accommodations can be found at the webpage of Yukawa Institute (here) or other commercial webpages. Because the dates of the workshop overlap with Gion Festival, we recommend participants to reserve accommodations well in advance, as soon as the registration is confirmed. (Kitashirakawa Gakusha and Shiran Kaikan are already full.)

Financial Support

We will have a budget for supporting the local expenses of limited number of participants. In case you need a support, please let us know at the time of registration. Please understand that we might not be able to support all applicants.

Workshop dinner
Workshop dinner will be held at Gion Shinmonso ( ) on July 21.

Sinya Aoki (YITP), David Berenstein (UCSB/Cambridge), Masanori Hanada (YITP/Stanford), Goro Ishiki (Tsukuba), Jun Nishimura (KEK), Toby Wiseman (Imperial College)

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Kyoto University
This workshop was also supported as a priority issue (Elucidation of the fundamental laws and evolution of the universe) to be tackled by using Post 'K' Computer.