Topics of the conference

    This conference aims at bringing together researchers interested in numeration and substitution from various points of view. The topics will include, but not limited to, dynamical system, number theory, and computer science, etc. We wish to serve a friendly meeting point of variety of related but different mathematical sciences. The conference follows a series of events organized by the ``groupe d'étude sur la numération'' and is intended as a continuation of the ``Journées Numération, Pavages, Substitutions'' in Grenoble in March 2005, ``Journées de Numération'' in Graz in April 2007, ``Journées Numération'' in Prague in May 2008, ``Numeration: Mathematics and Computer Science'' in Marseille in March 2009, ``Numeration'' in Leiden in June 2010 and ``Numération 2011" at Liège.

  • General numeration systems, Abstract number systems
  • Continued fractions and its generalization
  • Beta expansion, negative base systems
  • Interval exchange transformation
  • Ergodic property of arithmetic algorithms
  • Transcendence (algebraicity) results related to numeration
  • Redundant representations and cryptography
  • Automata related to numeration, Sums of digits, Automatic sequence
  • Analytic and probabilistic study of arithmetic functions
  • Substitutive dynamical systems, self-affine tilings
  • Geometric representations, Rauzy fractals
  • Delaunay (Delone) sets, Quasi-crystals, Aperiodic tiles
  • Pisot substitution conjecture, Shift-radix system
  • Spectra and spectral measures associated with numeration
  • S-adic conjecture, Action of different substitutions.