We are planning to publish the proceedings of the conference as a volume of RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu series. This is an official publication from RIMS, and all the submitted papers will be strictly refereed as usual journals. Presenters (talk and poster) are invited to submit the contribution of max 20 pages to both akiyama at and komatsu at Deadline is 31th Oct. 2012.
The volume will include surveys on the recent developments on Dual tiling, Shift radix system, Interval exchange and S-adic system. 
  • Valérie Berthé (LIAFA, Paris 7, France)
  • Hui Rao (HuaZhong Normal Univ, Wuhan, China)
  • Takao Komatsu (Hirosaki Univ, Japan)
  • Shigeki Akiyama (Niigata Univ, Japan)