Access & Residense

Here we assume you arrive Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) and are heading to your residense or RIMS. If not, you are probably arriving Kyoto Sta. and everything afterwards is easy. Within Kyoto city, transportation information is found here.
First see RIMS page, how to approach.  The above A1 in the page is an easiest choice of  4000JPY approx. Duration is 2 hours in total.
The cheapest way is to go first to Osaka (Umeda) and use Hankyu line to go as far as Karasuma or Kawaramachi, and take a metro or bus depending on your destination. It could be less than 2000JPY but not so easy for non Japanese. To get to Umeda from KIX there are many options. Some study in advance is recommended. Anyway in this case, enjoy your adventure. It is complicated but not risky. Duration depends on your study but I would say 3 to 6 hours.
The middle expensive way is to take a highway bus from KIX to Kyoto Sta and use metro or bus, of 3000JPY in total. Duration is 3 hours.
RIMS itself does not have lodging facility. You can find by yourself variety of hotels through web. However as far as we know, Japense web works better in finding reasonable ones. Residence inquiry is send to Hiromi Ei in Hirosaki U <ei A cc hirosaki-u ac jp>
We block booked rooms in Palace Side Hotel. Single room is 5,600JPY/per night. More info is found here. If you take this, then let her know before 15 Apr.
If you want cheaper rooms, then ask us as soon as possible. We think cheap choices exist but you should better ask us to obtain acceptable circumstances.
Palace Side Hotel to RIMS, and the party place on Tuesday.
See a map. Hotel to RIMS is 30-40min walking distance. Or you may take a bus #203 from Karasuma-Imadagawa to Kitashirakawa. Bus info is found here.