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    This document contains “Big Ideas”, vocabulary, and information about where specific learning outcomes are used in future grades.The "Big Ideas" page describes some of the key learning outcomes for the grade in common language that can be used to communicate with Parents. The "Vocabulary" section includes key vocabulary terms taken from the curriculum documents. These should be used to develop a common language for Numeracy in your school community. Lastly, :Where the Learning Outcomes are used next” section provides information where specific learning outcomes are built upon in subsequent grades and secondary courses.


This webpage provides students access to the online diagnostic assessment, and district assessments.

Cuisenaire Rods
    Here you will find excellent SMART resources and sites with interactive activities and lessons.

    This resource has student and teacher resources to support students working up to three levels below their grade.  There is a diagnostic assessment for every big idea in math to determine gaps in understanding, as well as tools to differentiate instruction to close those gaps.  Leaps and bounds is a research-based intervention approach that is founded on how students learn math developmentally, based on the research of Marian Small.  For more information contact Amanda Russett at

    JUMP Math
    Jump Math is a resource with a teacher's resource and student workbook. Lessons are a process of guided discovery where students learn concepts in small steps while the teacher provides direction in the form of examples, feedback and scaffolding.

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