"It is a shame that children are exposed to numbers merely as quantities instead of qualities and characters with distinct personalities relating to each other in various patterns." 
- Michael S. Schneider

"If we had looked at numbers to see how they behave with each other in wonderful patterns I might have liked math. Had I been shown how numbers and shapes relate to the world of nature I would have been thrilled. Instead, I was dulled by math anxiety and pop quizzes."
- Michael S. Schneider

This website hosts a number of activities, images, links, and home study journal pages to lead students through a review of number concepts, properties, tools, and concepts. The pages have been written with beginning fifth graders in mind since the information reviews concepts learned up to fourth grade, beginning fifth grade concepts, and enrichment opportunities as well. 

Read The Thirteen Days of Math to better understand the first pages which review numbers 0-12 in depth.