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12x12 Mazes

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‘Poker Maze'




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We suggest you read:

Rules, Path Strategy, Hints and Hand Made

before you begin.

These samples are for your personal play testing only!  

No rights are abrogated, conveyed, assigned, etc. See LEGAL page.

   Use the LINKS to the left for Samples.

Print them out and try to solve them using a pencil.

Some Other Suggestions:

Start with the small ones first. Like the 6x6 and 6x8 ones. The puzzles with the most ‘hints’ should be the easiest. The all blank ones, the hardest.

12x12s are large images, so there is a single graphic for each puzzle but they are all shown together on a single web page. Copy these images individually – puzzle by puzzle – and print one per page. Warning! If you try to print the entire web page of 12x12’s all at once they may not print out as one per page!

Counting Complete Sets of Twelve:

Keeping count of the total number of complete sets of one through twelve you use is important as all the correct ‘Number Maze’ solutions are based on this rule. (Of course, in ‘Poker Maze’ the count is thirteen with Ace through King sets.)

As you work with larger puzzles keeping track can be part of the challenge. We suggest you devise a system or print and use ours shown below. Put a pencil mark in each box to help you keep track of the numbers as you use them.