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(Photo: 'Green Zone' CGI)

Sure, we used a computer for the layouts, graphics, building the web site, all the emailing, and word processing software to write this – but all that took keyboard and mouse skills! What we mean here, is that a computer program did not generate our ‘Hour Maze’ puzzles. Unless you count our minds as computers – and if you knew us… well, that would not be an issue.

All our puzzles are ‘Hand Made’ and marked ‘KN’ which means we ‘Know’ there is a solution!  Compare your solutions to ours to see if you got the same pattern as we did originally. If you found a new and unique one we will post you to our Wail of Fame web page. (Ok, we’ll only post your name.) See our Wail of Fame web page for details.

Remember, correct solutions require complete ‘sets’ of 1 through 12. The size of the puzzle grid determines the number of ‘sets’ required. For instance, a 6x6 maze requires three complete ‘sets’ of 1 through 12. Again, they do not have to be in three continuous ‘runs’ of 1 through 12 (See ‘Non-Continuous Solution Illustrated’ section on the Path Strategy page.). Anyway, that brings us to ‘what’s next’…

As soon as we can, we will be releasing downloadable, digital ‘Hour Maze’ and ‘Poker Maze’ versions playable on various devices as casual game software. See our Digital Snake Oil web page for details.