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Mike Reilly and Jenks Norwalk have known each other and been creative collaborators, business cohorts and dirty rotten scoundrels since college.

See personal web pages to the left for our highly individualized rap sheets.

Beside puzzles & games, we have written several stories and screenplays. We sold an option to one already.

Here is a teaser of our work:

‘The Big Green’

A comedy in which two down-and-out scoundrels commandeer a dilapidated, soon to be scuttled, World War II Aircraft Carrier in Hawaii, re-christen it ‘The Big Green’ and head for Japan.

Their plan is to stop at a small island,  cover the flight deck in sod and palm trees, and create the World's only floating golf course!


‘The Big Green’ © 2005 Reilly & Norwalk. 

WGA-E Registered. All Rights Reserved.

If you would like to read the screenplay, email us with ‘Book Me on The Big Green’ in the subject line.

Or, if you have some actual business connection to the movies and would like to read some of our unpublished written properties, please get in touch!

Email us with the subject line: Yes! Movie Biz!  

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Meanwhile, here is a list of who did and didn't, who does and doesn't, who can and who can't, and so on and so forth...

One of us graduated from college, one of us did not. One of us holds a steady job the other can not. One is over six feet tall, the other not quite. One is a vet, one can’t be vetted. One owns too many homes, the other is rootless. One's married, one's long divorced. One is called 'Mister Wiz Dumb' and the other is 'Mr. Know-it-all. 'One is a songwriter, the other can't hold a tune. One has been shot, one is shot. One ran over the other with an earthmover. One has traveled extensively, one intensively.